PFA Player Of The Year Shortlist Leaked – Charlie Adam Makes The Cut

Chris Wright

5th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

Apparently, the Daily Mail have come into possession of a leaked copy of the PFA Player of the Year shortlist and have thereby done the decent thing and published it for the world to see.

According to the paper’s deep throat leak, the shortlist reads thusly:

Charlie Adam (Blackpool)
Nemanja Vidic (Man Utd)
Gareth Bale (Tottenham)
Scott Parker (West Ham)
Carlos Tevez (Man City)
Samir Nasri (Arsenal)

So, six very different players representing six different clubs but no spot for Van der Vaart, no Nani, and sadly no Vincent Kompany – who, for my money at least, as been at least as good and certainly less of a marauding liability than Vidic this season.

Seeing as though the shortlist is collated from votes made by all of England’s professional footballers, is Nani’s omission perhaps a sign that his perpetual whinging and feigning isn’t looked on particularly favourably by his fellow pros?

The Mail have also snaffled a copy of the PFA Young Player of the Year shortlist, which sees both Bale and Nasri included again along with Nani, Jack Wilshere, Joe Hart and Seamus Coleman.

Thoughts? Any glaring omissions sticking in your craw?

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  1. babo says:

    Perhaps Phil Jones should have been on the Young Player shorlist? He has had an while out injured though.

    What about Joey Barton?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just how young is young, really? 23 and 24 for Hart and Nani, Shouldn’t it be limited to say, U21S??

  3. TSK says:

    Definitely think Stuart Holden should have made the young player list. Huge impact on his team and a fantastic player on both sides of the ball.

    Also think Torres should have made the Player of the Year list…haha!

  4. :) says:

    SCOTT PARKER!!! he definitely should get it. not only has he played amzing. he’s had to do it in a below-par west ham team, all by himself. you could say the same for charlie adam, but i don’t think he deserves it as much.

  5. Tinez says:

    I don’t really see what Scott Parker is doing on there. I know that’s a controversial idea, but being the best player in a team full of awful players isn’t impressive. His team could easily go down and it’s not like his play with have earnt them anything. When he has been to bigger clubs like Newcastle and Chelsea, he didn’t do anything of note. He wasn’t even the best player in the average Charlton side he was part of.

  6. :) says:

    no way tinez! according to you we should give it to vidic who hacks every second player he sees but get in no trouble cause the refs are afraid of ferguson. or tevez who likes to finish everyone elses hard work from 5 yards out. nasri hasn’t been consistent – but did have a remarkable period. it’s a lot fucking harder to do what parker and adam are doing than some hyped up top 4 player. even bale hasn’t been consistent. that’s just rewarding glory-hunters and putting down the hard workers.

  7. JK says:

    It’s an absolute joke that Nani isn’t there. The only reason Bale is there is because he’s over hyped by the media and ‘pundits alike.

    If 9 goals and 16 assists from a winger isn’t enough to get you nominated then what is?

  8. Adam says:

    Charlie Adam – easy win

  9. Adam FJ says:

    Ashley Cole?

  10. Paul Kirkland says:

    Everyone, everyone, let’s settle with a happy medium here. Samir Nasri :D

  11. :DD says:

    Tevez was best players in Argentina and Brazil League, 3 times in a row South America Footballer of the year. All other contenders mentioned don’t even have the same reputation and honour as Tevez.

    So, Tevez should win the PFA Footballer of the year, another award that he fully deserves to win. If Rooney can win it, why not Tevez?

  12. Jimbo says:

    Nah, Kompany isn’t good enough and certainly shouldn’t be compared to Vidic! Vidic has had two poor games all season, apart from that he’s always outstanding.

    @ ‘:DD’ honour and Tevez don’t go together, mate!

  13. sukrut says:

    adam my pfa player of year

  14. :DD says:


    @ ‘:DD’ honour and Tevez don’t go together, mate!

    Look who’s talking?!

    A Man Utd fan! What a surprise!! LOL

  15. :DD says:

    Vidic won’t win it simply because….

    Do you seriously think peers (professional footballers) would want another Man Utd player to win it for 5 straight years?

    It won’t happen. LOL

  16. Mr Sensible says:

    Erm, Nani!

    Not just top 6, but by far consistently the best player this season.

    Nasri, great in spells, been pretty anonymous this year.

    Bale, 2 great performances against a poor Inter in the CL does not count. They were 4-0 down for fucks sake, they didn’t win the game! This makes me so angry. Bale is a wonderful player but he has been incredibly inconsistent in the league or injured. 1 assist in the PL, 1, ONE!!!!!!!

    Vidic, has had some great games but also some real stinkers, even he would admit Nani has been United’s best player this season.

    Adam, been fantastic but no where near the best in the league, sympathy vote really.

    Parker, another solid performance but still inconsistent, been great when West Ham have won, been average when they haven’t (which is most of the time).

    Tevez, probably the best season from the players on the list, has carried City this far single handly pretty much with help from Silva.

    To not include Nani is a disgrace and completely disrespectful to a fantastic player.

  17. Szpajk says:

    I think the list should be more like:

    Van Der Vaart

    No sympathy votes here! Simply just the top 6 performers for this season!
    But the PFA will never allow it, even though it is probably correct… because too many players from the same teams.

    A number of players who in my opinion would just miss out are:


  18. JoshMCFC says:

    Hey guys new article by the daily mail Messi has joined City on a 5 year deal. come on do u really believe the Daily mail

  19. smith says:

    Baines should be in there, hes had a cracking season

  20. Connor says:

    “Vidic has had two poor games all season, apart from that he’s always outstanding.”

    what games has Kompany been less than outstanding?

  21. SNOOD says:


  22. JohnO' says:

    nani? berbatov? how is the top scorer in the league not up there

    also thought stu holden should be up there for young player…love the seamus coleman pick tho

  23. SG says:

    Edwin van der Sar has had some season as well. I’m very surprised he’s not listed, even if he didn’t win it. Goalkeepers not getting the recognition again.

    And what about Javier Hernandez for Young Player of the Year? Is 17 goals in all competitions not good enough to be shortlisted? Apparently not.

    For non-United players, Phil Jones should be there for Young Player of the Year, no doubt about it.

  24. question says:

    Why isn’t Javier Hernandez on the young player shortlist?

  25. Conal says:

    Yaya Toure maybe? I’ve been watching Man City all season and he is the one player who has caught my eye this season after a poor start!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I think Howard Webb’s performance for Manchester United v Liverpool in the FA Cup should make him a cert!!!

  27. Kevin Barry says:

    Howard Webb’s performance for Man U v Liverpool in the FA Cup should clinch the award!

  28. Jay says:

    No Chicartio on the young player?

    No Berba on the top player?



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