Champions League: Barcelona 3-1 AC Milan (3-1 Agg.) – Barca Win At Camp Nou To Mosey Through (Photos & Highlights)

Chris Wright

4th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

The short and curly of the matter is that Pies’ internal gubbins has just deleted my entire sodding match report (just look at Ambrosini’s face! He knows how good it was!) and, frankly, I don’t care to rewrite it so you’ll have to make do with the round-up from this morning’s Metro – which is, as you can see, a work of minimalist beauty…

Everything you need to know right there.



Photos: PA (Metro image via @TouchlineDrama)

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  1. miro says:

    That Ambrosini face mean, that he doesn’t understand how he could manage not to have yellow card for 90minutes….that is miracle!

  2. Pete says:

    Time to hang ’em up I’d say Seedorf. Phenomenal career though.

  3. digger says:

    Man of the Match for Barcelona has to be the ref. Incredible form at how he pointed to the penalty spot on the 2nd one. Uefalona marches on.

  4. Mr. Sparkle says:

    I’m glad Milan is out, now hopefully Bayern can win out against the eventual Real Madrid.

  5. newcassel says:

    Howay man, 2 fouls in the box, 2 pens. Simple as that.
    Problem is we’re used to refs not seeing or not calling plenty that goes on in the box. Doesn’t make it right not to call a pen when you see it and it’s obvious.
    As for Ibrahamovic, he’s a gobshite who never turns up when the heat is on. If he played half as good as he talks, he’d still be at Barcelona and in the SF of the CL

  6. yngwie j. malmsteen says:

    breaking news guys: Barcelona latest signing,a talented young prospect – Bjorn Kuipers has impressed at the Nou Camp in barcelona’s quarter final clash with Ac Milan.

    According to The Mirror, Guardiola is happy that this new up-and-comer fit in so well with Barcelona’s controversial, albeit super-effective formation of 4-3-3-3 that has seen them get to a record of 5 cl semi’s in as many years.

    This latest addition to the team is a part of Guardiola’s plans to strengthen the squad and offset any shortcomings of Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and Co, and is ready to join other Barcelona greats such as Massimo Busacca, Howard Webb, Wolfgang Stark and many, many others.

    When asked about this slew of new signings to the club and weather or not he felt like his starting position was threatened, Lionel Messi, widely considered the world’s best footballer, simply stated:
    “I think these new additions are great. I love playing for Uefalona….i mean Barcelona, best team in the world!”

    Barca – more than a football club. Also a diving club, and providing acting lessons on weekends to aspiring, young Hollywood hopefuls.

  7. V says:

    The problem was Seedorf, then, eh Pete?

  8. critic says:

    brothelona should rename their stadium to camp UEFA.

  9. wolfinho says:

    @digger and critic: how so then? instead of just falling back on pathetic excuses, how were those two plays not penalties? did you watch the match?

    antonini takes a poor touch and tackles through his opponent. nesta has a handful of jersey and doesn’t let go even though puyol blocks him off. i can understand busquets-bashing when he actually dives and moans like a punk, but what else could he do? honestly, if you want to make little pussy excuses, at least man up and defend them. go ahead.

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