Football Songs: ‘Kloppo You Rockstar’ By Matze Knop Is Your Essential Champions League Final Soundtrack

Chris Wright

24th, May 2013

By Chris Wright

Whereas Bayern Munich have gone down the high-brow symphonic route for their Champions League Final anthem, a German comedian by the name of Matze Knop has provided BVB with a rather more raucous  audio accompaniment with a belting song called “Kloppo You Rockstar” in tribute to Dortmund’s loveable coach.

It’s rubbish…but good…but in a quite rubbish way…

The song is actually a cover of Baron von Borsig’s 2011 deep house hit “Kloppo du Popstar“, albeit an altogether more anglicised version.

If the name Matze Knop rings a bell (though we’re fairly sure it won’t) it’s because he’s the very same behind the interminably catchy “Luca Toni Numero Uno” trance smash from 2009…

No need to thank us.