Snapshot: Marcelo Flaunts UEFA Ruling To Display Message Of Support For Eric Abidal

Chris Wright

17th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

Despite UEFA intervening and telling both Real Madrid and Lyon that they would not be allowed to don t-shirts with a simple message of support for stricken Barcelona defender Eric Abidal during their Champions League tie last night, both sets of players took to the pitch after the game (Madrid won 3-0) clad in the ‘offending’ garments…

A fantastic gesture, regardless of UEFA’s beaurocratic nincompoopery.

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  1. spectator says:

    fuck uefa and fuck the sponsors. if sponsors are so concerned about their logo being momentarily hidden, why don’t they just openly voice their concerns and see what sort of reaction that would fetch. tools.

  2. this is what its all about. mutual respect. I can’t say I support real, or lyon. but the only term I can give this is Class at its finest.

  3. dld_ftw says:

    They did it after the whistle was blown and as they were walking off the field. So the UEFA can suck it.

  4. Mark Jones says:

    What was the reasoning behind UEFA not allowing them to do this? Sponsorship air time? Quite few prem teams do this from time to time so it must be a UEFA only ludicrous rule

  5. nicko says:

    Fuck uefa – what kind of rule is that, bullshit.

    good seeing this though

  6. Chris also says:

    My broadcast didn’t show any of this thank goodness. Who wants to feel all warm and fuzzy over good sportsmanship at it’s finest and relate it to Heineken or BMW? F%@king idiots.

  7. pman says:

    haha nincompoopery is my new favourite word

  8. Tyo says:

    Beautiful… Considering rivalry between Madrid and Barça

  9. Luke says:

    As a Barca fan I usually can’t stand Real Madrid – but this was poignant and brilliant. Kudos to them for it.

  10. RichM says:

    “rules were made for the obedience of fools and the ‘guidance’ of wise men”

  11. S-League Player says:

    This is what class and professionalism means. RESPECT. From a cule.

  12. DJ says:

    A rare occasion when football shows a bit of humility and UEFA jump all over it. Disgraceful from the so called governing body.

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