Football GIF: Alessandro Nesta’s Heroic Sliding Tackle On Lionel Messi

Chris Wright

14th, September 2011


By Chris Wright

In which Milan’s wily old centre-half Alessandro Nesta shows the world just how you dispossess Lionel Messi – with a nigh-on perfect, clean-as-a-whistle sliding tackle…

A nigh-on perfect, clean-as-a-whistle sliding tackle that wee Leo is obviously not overly accustomed to…

GIFs via 101GG

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  1. C says:

    More of a dropkick then a sliding tackle to me.

  2. Ben says:

    Brilliant, wish more people could do that…

  3. Elliott says:

    He played the angle beautifully, allowing geometry to do the work and not his aging legs. Younger defenders could do well to study a bit of math.

  4. Booyah says:

    See what happens when Messi faces defenders with actual skill? He gets shut down. 90% of Messi’s goals come from piss poor defending. The other 10% are from Xavi’s perfect passing.

    And look at him throwing a tantrum like a child! What a pathetic piece of trash. He is an Argie though, so its in his blood to be a total fuckwad.

  5. Ventilan says:

    The timing. I just love how he waits for the perfect moment to lunge in.

  6. Ventilan says:

    Also, this reminds me how a world’s best maybe ought to be determined by position (4), instead of solely attacking players.

  7. __wowza says:

    didnt see the game but what a fucking challenge!!

  8. Andrew says:

    A strong reminder to say that he is still one of the finest defenders ever.

  9. Miguel - NYC says:

    I am a barca fan, but i have to say that Nesta last night was impeccable. He foiled most of Messi’s runs cleanly and fairly, unlike some of the other players on the Milan defense.
    The result last night was unjust, but that’s what football is all about. If you don’t score (and barca had many opportunities), they will score on you.

  10. Sultan says:

    Just beautiful….wow !! Funny how he tries slapping the ground…Thank you Nesta :)

  11. Montesquieu says:


    You sir are a racist cunt and an idiot at that.

  12. Papi says:

    Cold blood by Nesta to slide tackle in the box like that. On Messi no less.

  13. Joe says:

    Booyah, you’re just stupid as hell. Messi has done it against the best defenders in the world as well as mediocre ones. Also, personally I’d prefer to see a player showing his frustration with not managing to do what he set out to than to have him diving, moaning and play-acting at the slightest touch (ie the methods of the other Barca boys)

  14. Jonny tates says:

    Messi did dive and got booked for it in the game before this vs Sociedad so don’t go too far in saying he hasn’t learned from his team mates yet.

  15. Chris says:

    Messi’s tantrums are getting worse. It’s pretty entertaining. Have to say, the “Argie” comment above? Disgusting.

  16. Ast says:

    at laaast they notice Nesta after 15 years career of world class defending , uncountable perfect blocks and slides.

  17. Miguel - NYC says:

    Messi is one of the best ever and has proved it time after time. He’s got 3 CL titles. Much more than most clubs in europe. He played well last night, but was a bit unlucky. Nesta was good, as he has been for such a long time.
    Lmao @ the thought of Messi only playing well against average defenders. I guess most European teams have sucky defenders…since he’s got those 3 CL titles…as well as 5 Spanish leagues.

  18. mmmm says:

    Messi slaps the ground because he realizes he should have shot half a second earlier (it would have been either a goal or a penalty kick then). He smiles as he gets back up, that wasn’t a complain about Nesta’s defending.

    Just stop pretending the guy doesn’t know fair play.

    The tackle is risky to me, Nesta was a bit lucky since Messi could have launched his shot and it would have been a penalty. Nesta’s still a great player though.

  19. Andy says:

    Nesta has always been immense. Are we surprised? I’m not.

  20. Messi says:

    It is risky for tackle Messi is a responsible person who wanted to do some chance for get plenty stock.

  21. Fair-weather Argyle Supporter says:


    What a stupid comment you racist moron.

  22. Anonymous says:

    ^ whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

  23. Varun says:

    5 min later Nesta got booked for fouling Messi,
    This was lucky tackle, although credit to Nesta still.

    People need to watch and remember matches.

  24. Fred says:

    Nesta has two Uefa Champions Leagues, 2 Uefa super cups and something Messi will never have, a FIFA World Cup.

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