Lampard hits back at Mad Jens’ accusation


13th, December 2006

Frank Lampard is the master of saying nasty things according to Mad Jens Lehmann. Well, judging from the tepid tyrade from Fat Frank, I’m inclined to disagree. Apparently, the ker-azy German goalie "shows no respect" to anyone on the pitch.

Mad Jens’ exact words were that Lampard is "a specialist in insulting people" after Sunday’s draw between Chelsea and Arsenal. Well, the super sniping specialist has hit back saying "We had words but Lehmann shows no respect to any one on the pitch – and I don’t mean that just from my own perspective. He has a way of looking down his nose at people. I certainly didn’t say anything that I feel warrants an explanation. For me, it’s all in the heat of battle and nonsense to start talking to the media about it afterwards." Sadly, the story doesn’t end there…

Lampard… obviously fuming went on to say "The other week myself and my cousin Jamie Redknapp were out to
dinner in a London restaurant and Lehmann was sitting just feet from us
on another table. We acknowledged him and he completely blanked both of
us. In fact, when he left, we walked right past our table and didn’t
even have the decency to say anything – whether nice or rude! Perhaps
Lehmann’s just more sensitive than the rest of us." BAM! Take that Lehmann! Stay tuned for Lehmann’s ‘I know you are, you said you are…’ response. [Mof Gimmers]

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