Snapshot: Smug Git Piers Morgan Owned By Gary Lineker On Twitter

Alan Duffy

7th, February 2012


By Alan Duffy

Gary Lineker may himself exude a certain charm-free smugness but next to the high king of smug gobshitery that is Piers Morgan, the Match Of The Day host is a crisp-promoting little sweetie bum.

Morgan took on Lineker on Twitter today, as he continues to cultivate his contrived “Mr Nasty” image. This time, Lineker destroyed him with a fine, measured Tweet. Well done Mr Lineker…

Boom! There’s no coming back from that.

Via @MarioBaloteLAD

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  1. Jay says:

    Anyone know how this started? ie:What prompted Piers to make the first strike?

  2. Sameer says:

    ^ because he has nothing else to do and part of ‘The Media’ and hence qualified as an idiot?

  3. JP says:

    Shamefull Gooner fan Piers Morgan is…

  4. Chris says:

    @Jay: Think it was just a ‘pot shot’. Morgan is desperate to foist himself as some kind of antagonistic media heel – a thorn in the side of the celebrity sphere – when, in reality, no-one gives a flying fuckberry.

  5. Chimpo says:

    he is a massive billy bunt isnt he-

    hell be fired within a year- americans must hate him surely?

  6. Pete says:

    I caught one episode of his show here in the US. As prickish as he is I had to hand it to him for really doing a great interview and making the subject squirm (a batshit fundamentalist Christian).

  7. Jay says:

    @Chris. Cheers. I know he worked for the tabloids, but thought someone of his education would be better than his tabloid past. Surprised he was a tabloid editor in the first place….Though I guess it doesn’t matter what type of education you have, a twat can come in all forms….

    *there’s a joke in there somewhere am sure from the last line :D

  8. Sultan says:

    Piers is a dic !!! Never liked him !!

  9. Tinez says:

    Total annihilation. Lineker strikes again.

  10. Del says:

    Lineker seems to have endless patience with finding new subtle little ways to tell Piers Morgan what a pain he is.
    If it was me I’d just put it to him frankly: stop existing.

  11. Papi says:

    To confirm Chimpo’s question:

    Yes, yes we do. As I’m sure the rest of the decent world does.

  12. Caleb says:

    Most Americans find him to be awful because of his smug nature. However he is now commentating on some of the EPL matches we get, which is even worse.

  13. KingKenneth says:


  14. wolfinho says:

    that rebuff is so good that you can’t even get back at the man for taking a poop on the pitch, because he took a poop on the pitch AT THE WORLD CUP!

  15. dc says:

    chimpo: anyone with a british accent (when i say “british” accent i mean it in the most all-encompassing sense of the word) tends to be well received in the us and will at least become famous as a voiceover narrator if nothing else.

    that said, he is not well liked by people in america with half a brain in their skulls. take from that what you will…

  16. Tinez says:


    it is unclear what you mean when you say all-encompassing

  17. Tinez says:

    Piers has a standard southern accent

  18. fafaf says:

    Saying Lineker exudes a certain charm-free smugness is a bit harsh, he’s continually self-deprecating and he knows his puns are ridiculous!

    Morgan is just an idiot, I’ve seen a few exchanges he’s had on twitter and it’s cringe-worthy.

  19. Joamiq says:

    Morgan is pretty unpopular in the US. I actually don’t know a single person who likes him.

  20. Dave Macbeth says:

    “that said, he is not well liked by people in america with half a brain in their skulls”

    A lot of people in America like him then?

    Thats a joke before anyone gets arsy!

  21. Chimpo says:

    cheers US-folks… he is an arse of the highest order…

  22. Errol Duncan says:

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