Burea IF -3 – -3 Bygdsiljum SK: Selection Errors See Swedish Division 6 Game End With Negative Score

Chris Wright

30th, May 2012


By Chris Wright

Here’s a new one on us. Over in the eighth tier of Swedish football (Division 6) the recent game between Burea IF and Bygdsiljum SK finished with both sides racking up a negative goal count, after shenanigans in their respective squad selections incurred penalties from the local league authority.

The game, which was the opening Division 6 match of the season back in early May, originally finished 10 – 0 to Burea, but it was discovered that the winning team had fielded a player from the club’s Division 4 side, which resulted in the league declaring the game null and void and awarding a 0-3 victory to Bygdsiljum.

However, it later came to light that Bygdsiljum had tried the exact same ruse, leaving the governing body with little alternative but to also administer them with a three-goal defeat – meaning the game’s final score was officially registered as a (-3)-(-3) draw.

Burea coach Jan Lindgren told the local paper:

“Yes, it’s a little humiliating. The rules are of course as they are, but that was a mistake on our part.

“We lost both 3-0. I’ve never seen anything like it. We will avoid this happening again. We have already started checking out, both I and my colleague, over our few games this season, that we have filled in our teamsheets correctly.”

It’s beautiful dreams of some day achieving this kind of negativity that keep Alex McLeish up at night.

Via Sport Bladet

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  1. Humding says:

    Do they each get a point for the ‘draw’?

  2. gilbert says:

    its a negative draw, so…they each lose one point?

  3. hug me says:

    Does the whole world just explode now? I’m not sure what to believe anymore.

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