Udinese’s Danilo Sentenced To Year In Prison For Racially Abusing And Spitting On Opponent

Chris Wright

10th, January 2013


By Chris Wright

Udinese’s Brazilian defender Danilo has been sentenced to a year in prison in his homeland after being caught by television cameras calling Atletico Paranense opponent Manoel “macaco” – a monkey – and spitting at the player while playing for Palmeiras in 2010…

The gobbing can be seen here…

Manoel then reported the abuse to his local police station himself immediately after the match, with Danilo subsequently publicly admitting his guilt.

The 28-year-old midfielder appeared at the Sao Paolo Criminal Court on Wednesday and was sentenced to one year in prison, though it’s expected that the sentence will be reduced on appeal to a £100,000 fine and that Danilo will be able to return to Italy – mainly because he’s a super rich footballer we suspect.

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  1. Sebastian says:

    A year in prison for “racial abuse”? This just shows how this pc obsessed world is going mad. Guess what guys unfortunately racism has existed for all time and always will exist. Anti racism “campaigners” and “activists” should get real jobs there are far worse crimes than this

  2. Francis says:


  3. Kwamtona says:

    Complete nonsense. There is no bearing between racial abuse and the fines and punishments being handed out. It’s scapegoating without positive effect. I think the true racial pioneers would have a hard time backing the actions of so called abused players.

  4. TravisKOP says:

    whatever happened to freedom of speech? this is absurd. I dont advocate racism but a YEAR IN PRISON for calling someone a monkey? my God what has this world become

  5. Paul Kirkland says:

    Hey, I just signed him on career mode in FIFA 13. They better not take him away from me..

  6. black man says:

    what u mean bastard i am.black and i dnt tolerate racism. We are all humans and we are all equal. So treat us like it pussies

  7. thetruth says:

    nice to see two idiots posting their retarded comments here…

  8. XYZZZ says:

    Makes you wonder…
    A no-name “racially abusing” another no-name – a year in prison
    Pepe kicking the Getafe player in the back – just a few matches ban
    But I bet some PC morons are delighted anyway

  9. Your-Maw says:

    f**k you Sebastian and f**k you too XYZZZ. It’s not about being PC but about actually taking a stance against behaviour that has no place in this century. It’s attitude like that that piss me right off. Someone spits at your face and racially insults you and you’re going to let him away with it? I bet you wouldn’t ya asswipes. I’m glad that there was a tough sanction against Danilo. Shows that he can’t get away with behaviour like that. The reason why Pepe only got a few matches ban is simple, you moron, it was dealt with by Spanish FA where as Manoel had the sense to report it to the actual police as it’s a crime. And Sebastian, yes, there are far worse crimes but a crime is a crime and should be punished nonetheless.

  10. Jarren says:

    He called the guy a monkey, that’s fucking disgusting and I think a year sentence is quite justified.

    It spreads the message that racism is not tolerated, not just socially but legally.

    If we give guys 3 match bans for racist abuse, what does that tell impressionable young boys?

    Racism isn’t that bad, in fact it’s no worse than getting a red card for a tackle?

    Nonsense. We have to ensure that racism is stamped out, the same with homophobia and xenophobia.

    These are all products of a bygone age, and modern civilisation will be improved greatly when they are eradicated.

  11. JJ says:

    @Jarren: Amen to that! Agree wholeheartedly. We have to evolve as a human species and ensure there is zero tolerance to racism.

  12. James says:

    Shocking that some of you applaud prison sentences when someone says something “not nice” to another. Suspend him, fine him etc but do not imprison a man because he insulted someone. It is mad to do so.

  13. Slater says:

    Of course, back when men were men and not the polyanna metro-sexuals that inhabit the planet today, the offended player would have gone after the “spitter” and knocked his teeth into tomorrow rather than fall to the ground like he’d been shot in the head. When people begin to stand-up for themeselves rather than run-off crying for help, racism and the like will end.

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