Sepp Blatter And FIFA Have Twitter Accounts Hacked, Hoax Messages Still Seem Perfectly Plausible

Chris Wright

23rd, April 2013


By Chris Wright

Sepp: Bitch got fraped (or whatever the Twitter equivalent is…twaped?)

Last night a series of Tweets were posted on Sepp Blatter’s official account which “announced” that the FIFA president accepted money from the Qatari royal family in return for World Cup hosting privileges…

A Tweet then appeared on FIFA’s official World Cup feed, @FifaWorldCup, that Blatter had resigned due to imminent charges of *gasp* corruption…

Sadly, while all completely and ostensibly plausible, it all turned out to be hoax which was claimed by Syrian hacker group “Syrian Electronic Army”, who finished their evening’s work by signing off from both accounts by using their Twitter handle, @Official_SEA6.

Shame really.

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