Sebastien Bassong Uploads Gun-Toting Photo Of Himself To Instagram, Realises He’s Been A Silly Billy, Deletes It Immediately

Chris Wright

28th, May 2013


By Chris Wright

He’s not the first footballer to do so (*cough* Nile Ranger *cough cough*) and probably won’t be the last, but Norwich centre-half Sebastien Bassong has been attracting ire this morning after ill-advisedly uploading photos of himself larking around with a gun to his official Instagram account, along with the caption: “Garden shooting session”…


The photos, it won’t surprise you to learn, have since been stripped down.

In the interests of the guy’s right to reply, Bassong claimed he was wafting his piece around in the garden as he was “practicing for his daughter’s security”, with a Norwich spokesman telling The Sun that everything’s cool because the gun wasn’t real anyway.


At least Bassong didn’t take his gun into work and actually shoot someone with it – then we could’ve had a real problem on our hands.

(Photos via @bassongoficiel)

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  1. bobby says:

    So he was practicing for his daughter’s security but the gun wasn’t real?! Hmmm…. that makes a lot of sense: perfect home protection for when not-real burglars break in…

    (just as well he’s a “celebrity” and not an average joe, or he might be expecting a visit from the PoPo)

  2. Jarren says:

    “practicing for his daughter’s security” while looking like a right badass…


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