Maracana Stadium Officials Consider Banning Fans From Standing Up, Waving Flags, Playing Instruments And Removing Their Shirts

Chris Wright

12th, July 2013


By Chris Wright

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Well, that didn’t last for long! The 2013 Confederations Cup showed that, despite years of renovation, an avalanche of strict FIFA initiatives and protestors lining the streets outside, the Maracana Stadium and all those who flock to worship at Brazil’s footballing church are still capable of producing legendary atmospheres –  especially when it came to the national anthems.

This, for reasons unknown, put the frighteners up Maracana stadium officials, who are know seriously considering banning fans from anything other than keeping their arse firmly in their seat and watching the match – preferably while maintaining a dignified silence throughout.

According to Reuters, Maracana administrators are mulling over whether to ban fans from standing up during games, waving large flags, lighting flares and fireworks, playing any musical instruments and taking their shirts off during games.

This from the Reuters news wire:

“We are going to talk to the clubs about a change of habit,” Joao Borba, president of the Maracana Consortium, told the daily newspaper Extra.

“I’m talking about bamboo (being used as flagpoles for large banners), firecrackers, watching matches standing up.”

The report added that a ban on musical instruments was also under consideration and that fans would be told not to take their shirts off.

Are you going to tell him, or do we have to?


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  1. Jesus says:

    Am kinda sick of modern football. Jeezus.

  2. Manolo Garnix says:

    I think the officials watched the Premier League a bit too much.

  3. Sam Dainter says:

    I used to sit next to a huge guy at The Hawthorns Brummie Road end who would get his belly out if we were winning! And we would sing “BELLY! BELLY! BELLY!” And it would generally be a humorous atmosphere…..but…..even though the stewards would join in sometimes with the chanting and have a laugh with the fans, they were forced to ban him after a few times doing it when told not to :(

  4. TravisKOP says:

    I hate football now. I’m just gonna play at the park with my mates and not involve myself with the all the shit that the professional level comes with

  5. Whitey says:

    No standing and no shirts off is stupid, but I honestly can’t believe they ever allowed firecrackers and flares into stadiums. Who decided it was a good idea to allow already crazy people to make a fire in the stadium? I’d be kinda pissed if I had to breath in that nasty flare smoke all game (and I smoke cigs).

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