Snapshot: Romanian Groundsman Attempts To Paint Pitch Lines After Spending All Morning Drinking In Local Bar…

Chris Wright

5th, March 2014


By Chris Wright

The good fellows over at have unearthed a cracking little yarn today, coming into the possession of a set of photos taken by Romanian Sunday League player Livian Hotico before one of his games at the tail end of February.

The problem, as report, is that the groundsman for the club in question had spent all morning drinking in the local bar and had, in technical terms, had an absolute f***ing skin-full before he attempted to map out the lines of the pitch with his paint trolley…

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*Golf applause*

Stunning, truly stunning!

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  1. Roger1 says:

    I was visiting E Hungary in ’72, close to the Ukrainian border. I parked overnight in a carpark at the village where my friends lived. I awoke at about 7.00am to find a queue beside me, leading to a little wooden hut with the proportions of a UK telephone kiosk. Inside was an old crone dispensing Slibovitz, the local plum brandy, to the workers waiting for the bus. On the Saturday afternoon, my friend and his cousin, who ran the local supermarket, took us there: it was closed to the public. We proceeded to drink stuff straight from the shelves, and staggered out a couple of hours later. How he accounted for the consumed stock, God only knows! Piss-heads the lot of them in that part of the world.

  2. Jeremia says:

    The half-circles at the box seem well done, although the chap might have attempted doing the penalty spot.

    Then again, it’s still quite admirable, a lot of people in such state would have called in sick, but this brave warrior of the bottle knew he had a job to do, and by God he did his best, despite the obviously wobbly terrain.

  3. DoodlePoodle says:

    Fnarfy’s mom made that while I was ploughing her fields.

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