World Cup Vine: Penalty Shootout Gaffe Sees Commentator Peter Drury Blow His Beans Far Too Early

Chris Wright

11th, July 2014


By Chris Wright


While commentating over the penalty shoot-out between Argentina and Holland, the dullest man in the game, Peter Drury, dropped a sizeable bollock when he accidentally activated “contrived commentator goal roar” mode far too early after mistakenly thinking that Dirk Kuyt’s penalty had put Holland through to the World Cup Final.

Instead, Holland still trailed as Kuyt’s spot-kick had merely made it 2-3 in the shoot-out – with Maxi Rodriguez’s subsequent penalty duly sending the Oranje chaps packing…

What a chump.

(Vine: Richard Whittall)

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  1. Haywired says:

    It’s like the commentary on old football video games: “THE NETHERLANDS! have a throw in”

  2. Jarren says:

    Is this the Sportsnet broadcast? The little black info box at the bottom right of the screen (which you can’t appear to remove) constantly updated faster than the footage, so you seen if the player scored before it was shown.

    Very fucking stupid.

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