Awful Realisation Hits During Roy Hodgson’s First Press Conference As England Manager (Photos)

By Chris Wright

Roy: “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I’m delighted to be able to announce that I’ve today signed a brand new contract as manager of West Brom and will be looking forward to four more years at The Hawthorns…”

Trev: “It’s…err…England, Roy. You’ve…err…agreed to be the new England manager…”

Roy: “Come again?”

“What was the last thing the wife said this morning? ‘Make sure you remember your reading glasses Roy’. I think I’ve made a huge mistake.”

“Oh f**k.”

“Shitballs on toast…”

“Massive f**k-off hairy gonad wank stains on Granny’s new bastard f**king hearth rug…”

“Maybe I could get to Laos before anyone noticed I was gone?”

“Apartheid? FML”

(Photos: PA)