Snapshot: San Marino FA Get (Justifiably) Irked By ITV’s Sneering Commentary

Alan Duffy

22nd, March 2013


By Alan Duffy

Good on the San Marino FA’s Twitter people. Having had to listen to Adrian Chiles and co. sneer their way through England’s 8-0 hammering off the Euro minnows, the San Marino Twitter people decided to hit back. And rightly so!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sad thing is, England will be chuffed this and still think their heavyweights of international football!

  2. marc says:

    Maybe they should think about who they sell the TV rights to? The English FA have no say on away games. Idiots.

  3. tim says:

    also, did you notice how Roy in the post match interview referred to having players that play in the Champions league “week in, week out”? The full interview doesn’t seem to be on the net yet, but hasn’t he realised none of the England squad are playing in the Champs anymore, and wont until next season…?

  4. Si says:

    In fairness, the ITV commentary team was nothing short of disrespectful throughout the entire game. We really are a classless nation.

    @Marc – The FA would be well within their rights to have “a quiet word” with ITV, as it does not really reflect well on them, irrespective who sold the TV rights.

    @Tim – the entire ITV team is made up of morons. I have to hide behind the sofa when I watch football on ITV, as it makes me cringe so much.

    On another note, the Twitter account is possibly fake, as it seems to have appeared out of nowhere. I hope that it is real though, as it is about time that someone called out our nation’s ridiculous level of arrogance. As a footballing nation, England have achieved absolutely nothing on the international circuit for half a century; it’s about time that we we had a reality check – we are not as good as we think we are!

    The chaps playing for San Marino did themselves proud last night. For a country that has the population of around 1/10th of Manchester, they did not do too badly. I doubt a lot of teams from Hackney Marshes would be able to keep a team of professional footballers down to eight goals.

  5. porcelain sandwich says:

    As much as I hate Adrian Chiles, I find it hard to criticise him or the punditry team here. It’s impossible to have half an hour of build up for the game without mentioning that the team you’re playing is almost completely made up of amateurs. I know it came across as disrespectful at times, but I can’t honestly think of any other way of talking about them.

  6. MGJ says:

    England coverage is never unbiased.It’s either gloating when victorious or crying eyes out when defeated.

  7. ma se kind says:

    And after beating San Marino, England probably think they are footballing heavyweights. I see a last-16 or QF knockout in Brazil.

  8. Mikey C says:

    I don’t see that much wrong with the coverage, there was no gloating afterwards by either ITV or the players. Both knew it was a joke match (not San Marino’s fault), but that the players had to go there and do the job properly

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  10. Mister BS says:

    So, San Marino — truth hurts?

  11. mmartin says:

    “also, did you notice how Roy in the post match interview referred to having players that play in the Champions league “week in, week out”? ”

    I think they meant “week in, aaand… they’re out!”

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