Should Theo Walcott Go To The World Cup?

Ollie Irish

31st, May 2010


By Ollie Irish

I know what most England fans think, at least based on various football forums. They think Theo Walcott is a shit footballer with loads of pace and very little else in the ‘pros’ column. The new Walcott cliche? He’s an athlete without a football brain, whatever a football brain is.

Objectively, I’d say Walcott is a good young footballer with confidence issues. He frustrates us because he was overhyped by the media at a very young age and – surprise! – he hasn’t delivered on his potential. He once scored a very good hat-trick for his country, not that long ago, and I think it’s foolish to write him off, despite some poor displays of late. I don’t believe he merits a starting role for England, because as a starter he often seems to lose his way, but he has shown his worth coming off the bench and so I would take him to the World Cup. He can be a very, very dangerous weapon on the counter-attack.

So to all those fans who say ‘What the hell does Capello see in Walcott?’, the reply is obvious: Capello sees much, much more of Walcott than we do so he’s better-placed to make the call. He’s the gaffer, we’re merely armchair gaffers.

That’s my piece. But would you take Theo to South Africa?

Vote below:

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  1. Tobias says:

    Exactly the same thoughts, you can see he struggles with his confidence, especially with his shooting nowadays. Give him time and I still think hes got more to show.

  2. potter says:

    I would vote no , but not because he is useless just that I think there are better options. He is two years behind Lennon who remember was just as unproductive at the same stage. The time to judge will be in the Euros and the next world cup when he will be 23 and 25 respectively.

  3. Ben says:

    yes i agree, but i think Shaun Wright-Phillips should defs go instead..

  4. Harry Barracuda says:

    Capello wants one pacy player. The question is: has Lennon done enough to usurp Walcott?

    Probably not.

  5. neil says:

    theo has proved himself on the big stage many starting from his goal in the final of the league cup to scoring a vital in the champs league against liverpool , scoring a hat trick against croatia and turning the game against barca when he helped arsenal salvage a draw so not taking theo would be a huge mistake

  6. Chris says:

    I’d like to see him consistently prove the doubters wrong on a domestic level (as Lennon has done over the past season) before he gets another chance in the England team.

  7. GoonerGaz says:

    You have to take him, but I wouldn’t start him. Great impact sub.

  8. ballbags says:

    He’s shit, speed but no footballing brain. Look at his final ball, he can do damage but not consistent. Why wouldn’t any team take SWP or Lennon?

    Walcott is not good enough for Arsenal but he’s good enough for England.

  9. Marly Marl says:

    Theo MUST go to the World Cup. Theo brought confidence 2 the England team after his CRUCIAL hat-trick against Croatia

  10. rags says:

    lennon and walcock are considered to be similar players, but as everyone knows that is far from the truth. Unlike Walcott, lennon has a footballing brain, can cross and can match walcock for pace. In reply to marly marl that qualifier game was a one off against a second rate international team whose defenders are over 32+ bar corluka. Adam Johnson should get on the plane to south africa he offers something different and can do the techinal stuff better than lennon and walcock. In addition johnson and lennon can play in both wings unlike walcock. If Theo does get on the plane all i can say is… prove everyone wrong…

  11. silent stan says:

    still living on the freak that was his croatia game. i have watched him all season and he should definitely not go, he should not even be at the arsenal next season

  12. jimmy says:

    i think theo should go just because of is pure pace that he has which england can use very effectively in the later stages of a game. whether theo starts is another question. i think given his current form he should go and play as a sub. but to leave him out is foolish. i think lennon, swp and johnson are very much alike. they are competing against each other i think

  13. Russ says:

    I would start with lennon and use walcott as an imapact sub to run at tired defenders. potter@12:37pm is right – Lennon was terrible 2 seasons ago – all pace with no final ball.

    This might sound silly but I do think some of the England players are reluctant to pass to Walcott and not enough is done to bring him into the game. He’s anonymous most of the time. Saw it in both the mexico and japan games. Walcott out wide but the ball just gets passed back or goes left instead. Wonder if some England players resent him being there esp after the last world cup fiasco?

  14. Michael says:

    Of course, who else.. SWP & Lennon are even funnier!

  15. Rob says:

    No chance, although the other choices aren’t great, Theo just isn’t good enough. One of these players who has been talked up too much at an early age. Lennon and Wright-Phillips are proven better players.

  16. simon says:

    I think Russ is right, i could definately sense that rooney gets frustrated with him because he doesn’t feed him early. thing is though, every time theo gets the ball, he gets two people on him….i think that makes him useful if only to free up other players

  17. Jonathan says:

    Shaunn Wright has to be there, any day over Theo.

    Wright-Phillips has a cool head, something you need in the World Cup, not to mention his hard working mentality, crossing ability and his ease to skip past defenders. I think Walcott being so young and relativley inexperinced should learn more with arsenal, he will get more chances to play at World Cups and be great one day; but right now is not ready.

  18. dan says:

    lennon is better, he is more intelligent and he even has a few moves, walcott literally has just got pace, no skill or trickery to be found.

    if you guys want to give walcott a chance just because he has a ‘confidence’ issue, why dont you give ashley young a chance while youre at it. hes a far more gifted player who actually has proven he is a top player in a top league and just needs more of a chance in international play. its a shame hes not going to the world cup

    anyway lennon is ready to go, he delivers great service into the box and he can beat any defender in the world, it doesnt matter if its dagenham and redbridge or inter milan hell take them on. walcott is just not good enough

  19. neil dixon says:

    two words, FOREST GUMP

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  21. Nix says:

    I heard prior to the warm up against Mexico and Japan, Walcott couldn’t muster the basics in the training session. I voted no too because after watching the last performances for England, he was dogshit and definitely not good enough for the world cup.

    That is the problem, people say he is young still but surely after 5 years since making his debut for So’ton, you should see marked differences in Walcott’s awareness and tactical nous by now. But nope, all I see Walcott is exactly the same now and when he was 16.

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