These ‘Faux-Vintage Barcelona Football Cards’ Are As Beautiful As They Sound…

Chris Wright

11th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

Diver & Aguilar are a photography agency based in London who, amongst other things, spend a fair bit of time producing ultra-classy, hi-res imagery of the Barcelona squad from year to year. This year’s batch sees the current Barca squad sumptuously recreated in vintage ‘cigarette card’ form, and we like. We like a lot.

Each card is a strait-forward but incredibly detailed and defined face-on portrait (Dani Alves’ craggy Star Trek face is a good example), but given that washed-out, smoke/sunlight-damaged feel to give the feeling that they’ve been sat in an attic somewhere for the last forty years.

We think they’re really quite beautiful and definitely worthy of a share…


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Xavi Hernandez

The full set (i.e, the entire Barca squad) can be perused over at Diver & Aguilar (via KCKRS)

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  1. Lukass says:

    Diver and Aguilar, eh… How appropriate…

  2. Charlie says:


  3. Jay says:

    This is awesome. Love me some Football Art. The shots are quality, and the photo style, with faded look is great. Dunno why Messi is looking at the fly in the air though,lol…

    Great upload Chris and Pies! Thanks!

  4. Jay says:

    ….Makes me feel all cultured :D

  5. Dr. Roberts says:

    These ‘Faux-Vintage Barcelona Football Cards’ Are As Pretentious As They Sound…


  6. Paul Kirkland says:

    Hahaha, Xavi looks like he’s going to cry…

    ‘Cesc is suffering!!!’

  7. noiz says:

    what about a biopic about Xavi where he is portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.?

  8. Jay says:

    RE: The other Faux-Vintage Barcelona Football Cards on Diver and Aguilera : Looks like Thiago Alcantara has the same attention span as Messi!lol….catching the passing fly in his line of sight as well,lol…

    Also, Alexis Sanchez needs to stop playing Pro Evo late at night, or get some more sleep!Poor kid,lol….Looks to have aged in that snap!

    Puyol looks confused,lol

  9. Jay says:

    @Paul Kirkland: Lololol, quality

  10. carax says:

    why is Puyol’s hair always wet?

  11. wolfinho says:

    this is really picky, but i noticed they spelled afellay’s name as “affelay”. i think that says as much as there is to say about his time at barca.

  12. Hasselhof says:

    What makes these “beautiful” exactly? running some portraits through a Photoshop filter does not beauty make.

    I’m starting to get really sick of the incessant Barcelona love affair. (not directed at pies, more of a general statement) Why is everything related to Barcelona romanticized? If Xavi tweeted a pic of a bowel movement, the large majority of the footballing world would say it was “beautiful” as well.

    I too am also curious as to why Puyol’s hair is always wet. Unless it’s SoulGlo

  13. Guy says:

    Extremely jealous this type of photographic treatment couldn’t have been applied to the rosters from the last world cup.

    Though the Puyol one makes me wonder if he utterd: “¿Hombre, dónde está mi coche?” before the shot was taken…

  14. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    Would LUUURVE it if these photos could be used in PES.

  15. anonymous says:

    Messi looks the most beutiful

  16. high as a kuyt says:

    i would second that david. i bet if these were taken of an english team, say liverpool or arsenal, they would be a laughing stock rather than a work of art. i get it, they play great football…

  17. Completely agree with Hasselhoff. Also, I wish they’d paid a little more attention to the lettering: the kerning needs some serious adjustment. Look at the position of the last A in INIESTA in relation to the rest of the word. Lazy.

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