‘I Just Pee In My Wetsuit!’ – St. Etienne Keeper Beats Cold Snap With Pitchside Piss-Up

Chris Wright

3rd, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Je suis bostin’ for a slash

It’s pretty damn parky over in France at the moment, with freezing temperatures (we’re talking -13ºC in places) threatening to disrupt the weekend’s football fixtures – not that Saint-Etienne ‘keeper Jeremie Janot is remotely fussed, for Monsieur Janot has devised a fool-proof method to beat the cold snap as a game ticks over into it’s latter stages.

Janot, Saint-Etienne’s reserve stopper, told L’Equipe’s website:

“”It’s too cold, even with the [substitute’s] blankets over your legs. The best way (to keep warm) is to wear a wetsuit, that they use for surfing.

“With 15 minutes left of the game, you just pee in the suit and then you can go straight to the showers.”

Ingenious! Though surely that should that be ‘straight to the golden showers’? Such class.

Janot is expected to start on the bench against Lorient on Saturday. We imagine there may well be a few empty seats either side of him following this little revelation.