Team GB ‘Union Jack’ Olympic Football Kit Unveiled (Photo)

Chris Wright

22nd, March 2012


By Chris Wright

Well folks, this is it.

As modelled by Jack Rodwell, this is the kit that Team GB will be wearing at the London Olympics this summer…

There’s a Union Jack pun in there somewhere, I just know it.

If you’re wondering, ‘if this is the GB kit then what the hell was that blue thing Gareth Bale was wearing way back when?’ – don’t worry, I was too – it turns out that was an official commerative Team GB ‘supporters shirt’, i.e, a kit produced especially for the fans.

I know, I know. It’s terrible isn’t it? A ‘supporters’ shirt. If there’s any justice, they won’t have sold a single one.

As for the Team GB kit proper (which apparently isn’t going on general sale), it gets a great big whopping ‘meh’ from Pies. Looks like something from the back of the pack at the Tour de France.


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  1. usrick says:

    Hopefully it’ll look better – or at least less bad – when they’re runnin’ instead of posin’.

  2. Moondunce says:

    I really like it actually. Shame it won’t be on general sale.

  3. Robin says:

    I quite like it too.

  4. Lukass says:

    Spot on with the Tour de France comment, really looks like a cycling shirt…

  5. Steve K says:

    “official commerative Team GB ‘supporters shirt’”

    I really am sick to death of the shameless money-spinning going on with the Olympics.
    I live in Stratford, so for me it’s only going to get worse. So much worse…..

  6. Murray says:

    You give it a “Meh”?!?

    You’re too damn nice, Chris.

  7. Vijay says:

    Prefer the “Supporters” shirt to this!

    @Steve, I live in beckton, really not looking forward to this summer. going to be mayhem everywhere in our areas.

  8. Germanium says:

    I quite like it. I just wish they’d have got the colours right. Pretty sure there’s meant to be a lot more red than the tiny bits on the sleeve and collar.

  9. Mr. Chopper says:

    It’s rank. However, it’s very much in keeping with the 2012 Olympics logo. Just waiting for the goalkeeper’s kit to be announced in pink…

  10. Paul Kirkland says:

    THANK YOU. I could not find out what Gareth Bale was wearing if this was the official shirt.

  11. QPR says:

    Disgusting, since when have navy and turqoise ever been a part of british sport? The socks are red too which makes it even worse

    Thats what you get when you have a designer do the job, it wont sell at all, imagine an 18 stone pie muncher in one of those.

  12. Jarren says:

    I would look like Skeletor in that.

  13. garza says:

    I like the supporter’s shirt more than that thing Rodwell has on. The little red bits are jarring up against the monochromatic flag. Might as well have done the Union Jack in proper colors to with the red trim. If the navy sections had been done in the red, the design would be more recognizable for what it is. Right now, the blue midsection looks like a belt or an obi tied around the flag.

  14. Mr. Sparkle says:

    And not a single fuck was given…

  15. sloth says:

    Adidas are idiotic. I’m happy they’ve backed off with the stripes, but this tit-hugging spandex trend has to end pronto.
    The kit would look good if I couldn’t see Rodwell’s nipples and abdominal muscles through it. This is football, not rhythmic gymnastics.

  16. Tom Jones says:

    It is horrible. Who designed it? Stevie Wonder?

  17. Mr. Sparkle says:

    @Tom Jones.

    No, just Paul McCartney’s daughter…

  18. zoraida says:

    it’s unusual and unique. why not? let’s hope they’ll make a difference on the pitch as well!

  19. Rob says:

    You can buy it here, for ONLY 52 quid!
    It looks even worse in the baggier, better for bear belly style
    As this is such a one off I’m disappointed that it’s such an awful design.,default,pd.html

  20. TAYPOT says:

    Its a bit gay in fairness

  21. werderbremen_rulez says:

    It’s nice and quite nipple-hugging! Was it done by Stella McCartney as well?
    Wish the pants were as tight as the shirts – just to match it up. I totes support the trend in showing every single breast hair through it ;)

    Not sure though if in the end this will win GB something – maybe some medal for an overall tight performance…

  22. shardsntatters says:

    Rip-off on the Holland badge/kit

  23. Solihull United says:

    so is gb actually gonna play in the olympics this year?

  24. Charlie Brown says:

    I know some people don’t like the Adidas stripes, but it seems like a plainer shirt with the stripes would look so much better than this… my first impression was a full body swimsuit, then a cycling shirt, then gymnastics, then… you get the point.

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