Nike Home Kits For EURO 2012 Rolled Out – France, Holland, Portugal, Poland And Croatia (Photos)

Chris Wright

17th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

We’ve already seen the respective away strips (Portugal/Holland/France), but Nike have now got round to rolling out their home strips for France, Holland, Portugal, Croatia and Poland to be worn at EURO 2012 this summer.

The kits…

23% lighter and 20% stronger than Nike’s previous batch, all the kits are part of Nike’s ‘Better World’ design initiative which means that each individual strip is made up of somewhere around 96% recycled polyester – 13 plastic bottles to put it precisely.

Detail shots (click for larger images)…

No-one’s really come out with a raw deal here, as all the kits look pretty darn tootin’, but who do we reckon is going to strolling into the Euros looking that bit more dapper Pies fans?

As far as we’re concerned; Holland’s new duds are swish, but we’re plumping for France – that thing, with it’s subtle stripes and gold accents, is très magnifique!

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  1. Al says:

    I think the French one is the only nice one. The rest look like the kind of thing a page 3 girl from the Sun wears to promote the start of the new season/ FA cup whatever. They are porno tight

  2. alejandro22 says:

    portugals and netherlands look the best…….

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Croatian one reminds me of a tablecloth :/

  4. Lady B says:

    The Croatian one reminds me of a tablecloth :/

  5. miro says:

    I think Croatia shirt is nice, In the world of plain shirts, or hoops and stripes, i think is quite refreshing to have something different…

  6. BillGeezer says:

    love the french kits. they’re probably my favourite national team kits, they actually look french somehow

  7. Tom Jones says:

    The Portugal one is good. The Poland one is also decent. The France one is quite poor. The Dutch one is even poorer. The Croatian one is awful.

  8. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Too much going on the Polish kit. I know that Poles aren’t too happy with Nike or their own FA because of it.

    Personally, all the kits especially the Dutch one look very plastic.

  9. Anonymous says:

    when are england gonna get a decent kit make??? Umbro is so pants compared to Nike or Adidas!!!!

  10. frank says:

    so 13 recycled plastic bottles have now been turned into items that NIKE charge you £90 for the “authentic shirts”, while replicas come in at a measly £60… french ones are pretty nice but i’ll probably just buy a good fakey or wait 6months and they`ll be £30

  11. Wesley says:

    I love the French shirt, Dutch one is allright. Probably going to buy it anyway this summer :P

  12. JD says:

    STRIPES FTW!!!! i love the french shirt; its beautiful! its as good as the current away jersey and the previous away jersey. im going to be buying alot of france jerseys to wear at places other than sporting events.

  13. Stefan says:

    Polish kit was released in November 2011. But first without the eagle, Polish national symbol. It was just the crest of Polish FA. Then the fans went mad and after just one match Nike added the eagle, which you can see in the middle.

  14. Marvin says:

    Yann M’Vila looks like he’s standing in front of a Venetian blind with the sun filtering through

  15. Mr. Sparkle says:


    Are you on crack? Adidas kits may look nice, but are made of even worse material than Nike. Heavy and always feel like you’re suffocating in them.

    Of course, the worst offender by far is Puma. Not only have their sizes been screwed up in the past. (One of my mediums fits like a small, but the same shirt in a large felt like an x-large) The material they produce their kits from is grade 5 plastic. You can’t breathe in them and it’s generally uncomfortable to wear for the fear of sweating inside a jersey you’ll be wet in for a couple of hours.

  16. Kathies says:

    I love how the letters on the inside of the Polish shirt try to look cyrilic- a nice reminder that Nike is indeed from the States.

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