Barcelona Unveil New 2012/13 Kits – Home Is Nasty, Away Is Assault On Retinas (Photos)

By Chris Wright

Here we go folks, the new Barcelona strips for 2012/13 – and it’s no wonder Pep got out when he did, these things are not retina-friendly, with the home kit featuring that ‘blaugrana colour fuse’ detail that we saw in the early mock-ups and the away kit being a blazing orangey-yellow thing – an homage to ‘Barca’s effervescent style of play’ the ‘city’s mix of culture, architecture, style and art’…

Home strip (the photos are humungous so they may take a few seconds to load)…

Away strip…


What say you Pies fans? Sí or no sí? We’re going to give them a miss if it’s all the same.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Home is horrible, like a cheap PSG knock-off. However, I actually quite like the away kit… it reminds me of an old Leeds United goalie top I had as a kid.

  2. C says:

    I kinda liked the home kit…

  3. Nienke says:

    Somehow, something went terribly wrong at Nike’s headquarters…

  4. Wolf Haley says:

    Seems like Nike were too busy designing all the stellar International kits this year. Definitely missed the mark with these.

    When does Man City’s new shirt come out?

    Need to get my Balotelli shirt with the Prem League champions badge on it.

  5. 22 says:

    The away kit looks like a tequila sunrise

  6. Pierre de Shanghai says:

    The new drug dealers in Nike Design department might be very rich now.

    Hope they’ll not shit something like that for the PSG shirt of next year, it’s hard enough to see the name of Luyindula or Hoarau on it…

  7. don says:

    well,kits neva win u matches

  8. Toz says:

    Obviously these kits are not made for your average pie-eating-beer-guzzling supporter.

  9. Frost says:

    It was shit last year, it’s shit this year, and it’ll be shit next year. Use the same title in next year’s article!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Is the away shirt modeled on Aquaman?

  11. DrogBar says:

    The average supporter probably wants something plain and simple with a collar and a fit baggy enough to accommodate the beer belly.

    What a nightmare.

  12. Cesca says:

    I always did like candycorn as a kid… :L

    But – you can’t beat Barca blind, so maybe it’s underhand retina burning secret tactics?! ;)

    Other than that, I kinda like the home kit. I wouldn’t wear it per se, but it is not vomit inducing at least. The away kit is an entire nother story, I didn’t think they could do worse than the mint icecream special… :/

  13. Rich says:

    I actually quite like the kits. What’s wrong with a big change. The away kit does look thirst quenching!

  14. topo says:

    can give my wallet a rest with this shite design. never missed home and away shirts for the past three seasons.

  15. victor moses says:

    The home kit looks like blood trickling down the shirt

    the away kit is like looking through one of those infrared cameras you see on cop shows…

  16. Terry Shedingham says:

    The idea behind the home one is completely naff, and yet it’s a ringer shirt and that alone means it looks better than the Tesco-carrier-bag-chic of the one from the season just gone.

  17. Jarren says:

    Hmm, that away kit looks like an advertisement for Orangina or Sunkist.

    Or maybe a 1973 Matchbox Hot Rod toy car.

    Either way, it’s fucking wrong.

    Tell you what, Catalan, old chaps…

    Your home kit is dark.

    Make your away kit light.

    You don’t have to play in white (OH THE HORROR, EH MADRID), but just something that’s not dark.


    This is not a rave, you know.

  18. ich says:

    I think the designer is a madridista..

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