British Tabloid Mocks Germany’s ‘Nazi-Style Black Shirts’

Ollie Irish

28th, January 2010


By Paul Sorene

ballack nazi copy

“Is this cool?”

It’s almost half a year until the World Cup in South Africa, but already one British tabloid has kicked off with the anti-German bullscheiße. The Daily Star’s first German-bashing headline of the season:


Ja, fussbull fanz, apparently “Germany is set to kick up a Reich stink at the World Cup by playing in Nazi-style black shirts.”

As we told you yesterday, the Germans are set to wear a dark nylon-blend top with gold numbers, red neck trim and white shorts. The Star says it’s a “goose-step” too far, evoking memories of the “notorious SS” (famously bad sports).

The Germans are vying for world domination once more in zer famous black shirts. But – chin up, Tommies – last time the Krauts lost in the final (Euro 2008).

Here’s to England taking the World Cup, albeit with a little help from the Americans.


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  1. gamblos says:

    It’s very sad that this sort of thing always comes up but I have to admit, its the first thing I thought of when I saw the shirt yesterday! And that little mock-up above is perfect!

  2. Dickens says:

    The absolute ****ing spanners. The Nazi were famously known as the Brownshirts. They just happened to have black uniforms in the SS. Blackshirts was a nickname for the fascists in Italy and Britain.

    So ashamed.

  3. Squelch says:

    Oh my who could joke about such a thing.

  4. alex says:

    hahahah, this just makes me hate germany even more though

  5. S says:

    Oh come on, gimme a f***ing break. Idiot british tabloid.

  6. Meji says:

    i like the jersey thats ridiculous btw

  7. LoveFOOTBALL!!! says:

    Hey guys,

    I m from germany and i m very stunned about that articel!!!

    Yes we have a very terrible past but we are talking about sports… it has nothing to do with politics!

    btw. our new shirts look great… and if we see us in the WM finals we will play with our shirts… and if we win pls stop say: The reason why we lose are these black shirts…

    sry for my terrible english!

    btw. i m happy to see this time ur national team… Germany vs. England rocks xD

    regards a proud “Kraut”

  8. Fritz says:

    Ok, zats right – but wait till you have seen our beautiful forehead accessoire inspired by Brat Pitt. PS: last penalty in ze right corner or ze other right corner? Nix für ungut und bis demnächst im Achtelfinale.

  9. LoveFOOTBALL!!! says:

    Yeah, hope u will achieve the quarter-finals ;)

  10. Ben says:

    Well when England stumble through their group on goal difference and get knocked out on penalties by Germany in the second round, at least we’ll all have casual racism to fall back on.

  11. The Belgian says:

    ‘Return of ze black shirts’?
    Sounds more French than German to me.
    German would probably be more like ‘Return der black shirts’.
    I used to dislike German football too, but I friggin love players like Marin and Özil, I’m curious about what they can show us in Africa.
    Excellent journalism… NOT

  12. Joe says:

    Just for the record, the ‘blackshirts’ were a movement in Britain, lead by Max Mosley’s dad. The bad boys in Germany, the SA, were known as the ‘brownshirts’ because they, err… wore brown shirts. Of course, the Star wouldn’t be a tabloid if it let facts get in the way of a good story.

  13. Dave says:

    The Star never fails to embarress us and the ed should hang his head in shame for joking about such a dreadful hideous event in history even if it was done light heartedly.

  14. george says:

    german team:

    worldchampion: 3x times won 4x second
    europeanchampionship: 3 times won 4x second

    english team???
    ’66 was a gift ;)

  15. ryan says:

    Oh oh it’s world cup time !!!
    England is not succesfull in world cup.
    So they have to write a lot of rubbish when the own team have no success especially about the german team. Why did they not write of the problems of the own team?
    Oh England, i am dreaming of a penalty with you. Have hope but no luck.

  16. Basil says:

    Herrgottsackzement Daily Star! Don’t you watch Fawlty Towers in England? Don’t mention the war!

  17. Miss Sophie says:

    Murdoch: “Same procedure as every year?”
    Springer: “Same procedure as every year!”

  18. iAmirul says:

    argh.. stupid british tabloid
    this jersey are nice looking.. :) good job adidas plus germany team

  19. little lord fauntleroy says:

    i like the shorts.

  20. joshek says:

    ok english people: what do you call someone who is mentally stuck in the 1940s? yep, you guessed it – a retard. and retards think that retared shit is funny – qed.

  21. German says:

    Nothing but typical British as we Germans are used to be treated since ever.
    A typical expression of extreme hostility and hatred combined with arrogant racism.
    Germans have to be aware that they are hated by the British whatever they ever might do.
    It makes no sense to discuss on this topic and better take it as a basic fact of British philosophy which will never change.

  22. […] La maglia della Deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft è bianca bordata di nero con pantaloncino nero. Ricorda i colori della Prussia. La seconda maglia ha una storia decisamente originale e che anche oggi ha scatenato furiose discussioni per la scelta di un look nero. Colore da sempre abbinato alle SS naziste. […]

  23. Pete Sheridan says:

    I wouldn’t let my dog pee on the Daily Star for fear of him catching something. What a vile, lying scandalrag it is. How on earth anyone could be seen walking out of a newsagents carrying it is beyond me. It’s like wearing a tee-shirt emblazoned with the words “I am a retard” in bold. It should be moved from the News rack and placed alongside Viz and the other adult comics, it’s not a newspaper after all. It’s recently sunk even lower than the Sun, and that really is quite a plummet.

  24. John says:

    Not all Anglo Saxon English people hate German people. Read Gruesome Harvest The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The People of Germany by Ralph Frankin Keeling. Do to wrong make a Right

  25. Simone says:

    I love this thread! Some really great comments! I’m German and have been living in England for the last 9 years. Sunday’s England-Germany game should be fun… next week I’ll either be ridiculed and won’t hear the last of it… or I’ll be spurned and have to go into hiding for a while… my English partner is a major footie maniac and we’ll watch the game together… but he loves me to bits… so whichever way this pans out, we’ll survive. But it is sad to see how seriously some people take all this. It’s a sporting event, not a war!
    May the best team win ;)

  26. Suresh says:

    Typical tabloid bullshit. Makes me feel ashamed to be British.

  27. Another German says:

    See what happens when British press tries to again and again insult German sports teams with unfair Nazi press articles? Germany wins, fair and tremendously! Hope you learned your lesson well.

  28. Frederik says:

    As a German I am absolutely grateful to the British press and medias.
    I only can hope and look forward to an increasing anti-germanism because it has been usual since ever to be strictly anti-German in Britain and to the second we, the Germans we are used to it und we would rather miss something if the British would not hate us.
    So as a German I can deal very well with the extreme hatred and hostility they feel towards us since ever.
    Being hated that much and ardently by the Brtsh makes so many things easier and so I only can hope that they will continue and enforce their hatred and hostility.
    It just makes clear to both sides that British and Germans nothing have in common and they better stay in strict separation.
    As the British get their hatred and extreme hostility already with the mother-milk it makes no sense to change anything.
    The Germans just have to take their hatred and hostility like the weaher which we can not change also.
    The British hate us and the Germans just don’t like them.
    I think we should accept the situation and stay on distace to each other.

  29. Aaron says:

    ‘Krauts’, very harsh terminology

  30. Horst Angelkotter says:

    To whom it may concern:

    What makes the Brits think of no atrocious committed in the past ?
    Since 1945 they have had over 20 small Wars or so called conflict- may I count:
    India -Palestine-Malaya-Korea-Suez Zone-Kenya-Vietnam-Aden-Radfa-Oman-Dhafa-Norther Ireland-Falkland War- Gulf War-Bosnia-Afghanistan all to defend British they’re shrinking Empire. How about Oliver Cromwell atrocity committed in Norther Ireland,English School books don’t teach about it. British Media/Tabloid like to divert it always to the German’s because of the success story of German’s recovery. H.A

    • Michael says:

      It was GREAT BRITAIN that helped fund and rebuild Deutschland from the ruins and devastation of nazism after 1945. Since then, GREAT BRITAIN has fought lot’s of small wars with professional army and navy to protect it’s commonwealth and maintain world order. Deutschland had two miserable attempts at World power and FAILED. All of GREAT BRITAIN’S bad history combined cannot be compared with Nazi Deutschland 1933-45. At last GREAT BRITAIN is out of the EU so we no longer have to pretend to tolerate you sad paranoid Germans.

  31. Frederik says:

    Who ever cares in Germany what the British think about the Germans.
    As long as the British stay on their island and keep off from Germany they can think and do whatever they like.
    Germans and British never can be friends.
    In their school-books and by their education they all are brainwashed into basic hatred and hostility against Germans.

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