Adidas Kill Off The Predator After 20+ Years, Revolutionise Entire Boot Line With New ‘X’ And ‘Ace’ Designs (Photos)

Chris Wright

18th, May 2015


By Chris Wright

Huge news in the football boot world today with the announcement from Adidas that the Predator is no more.


Adidas are “revolutionising” their boot stable, meaning that other long-standing family favourites such as the F50 and Adipure 11Pro, as well as the less established Nitrocharge, are also being Ol’ Yeller-ed.


Initially prototyped by ex-Liverpool forward Craig Johnston who glued the pimply rubber stuff on table tennis bats onto his old boots, the revolutionary Predators were first introduced by Adidas in the early 1990s – swiftly becoming the company’s pre-eminent boot line.

Alas, now they are no more. It’s like having a part of your childhood killed by firing squad. Ruthless.

Of course, killing the Predator is no mean feat. In fact, immobilising them and leaving them to self-destruct is really the only option – just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Beyond the teaser trailer you see above, details of the Adidas revolution are a bit sketchy – though French site Daily Mercato claim to have photos of the two boots that are to replace the old stock, apparently called the “Ace” and the “X”…

These be those, though we have no idea which is which…


Adidas have scheduled the big unveiling for May 25th, so you’ll just have to join us on tenterhooks till then.

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  1. Ron says:

    Note to self: buy extra pairs of the Adipure 11PRO. Those are some awesome cleats.

    The top pair looks as if they’ll last a handful of games. I had a pair of Pumas last year and they fell apart within a few months, but I only play twice a week.

    They’re going to have to offer two lines of boots. One for PROs and little kids whose parents are conned into buy $150 boots, and plain ol’ $85 boots that are well-built and will last for us guys playing pick up twice a week. It’s getting to the point of utter absurdity.

  2. One Man Went to Mow says:

    ’96, ’98 and ’04 were the best.

  3. Chris says:

    Adidas World Cups over any boot ever made. ever….

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