This Might Just Be The New England Euro 2016 Kit (Leaked Photos)

Chris Wright

9th, February 2016


Once again, the diligent chaps over at Footy Headlines have come up with the goods after managing to get their hands on a series of leaked images of what is purported to be the new England home kit for Euro 2016.

While predominantly white (that’s a good start), the Nike design sees a bit of subtle sky blue trim hither and thither which, while not strictly traditional, doesn’t look entirely out of place either.

In fact, we think it’s looks rather smart in mock-up form…


The mock-up has been created using a batch of leaked designs, which can be seen below.

Sadly, the actual physical garment – which may or may not be the finished article – doesn’t stand up to scrutiny quite so well…



We’re torn, Pies fans. We can get on board with the subtle stylings of the mock-up but the actual leaked shirt looks far more clunky and unrefined.

What’s the initial verdict here – yay or nay?

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  1. Fob says:

    Since when have we used sky blue, would rather have a bit of red on shirt but then again there never is much variation in the england shirts.

    • James Taylor says:

      The England kit included some light blue trim at Euro 96. Plus there have been several sky blur third kits. But this shirt is horrible.

  2. Bruno says:


  3. Jarren says:

    The prototype design looks a lot more refined, you’re right.

    The faded stripes add a touch of class, while the stripes on the hard product just look tacky (dare I say it, 90’s chav).

  4. ChrisCan says:

    FootyHeadlines themselves admit that the leaked photos are of fakes, and one can safely guess that the “ice blue” will be lighter, as it is in the mockup. If so, then I quite like this. Shame it’ll be paired with white shorts and red socks.

  5. Tommy Todger Tugger says:

    Looks like a girls kit!! They left themselves with nowhere to go after the nice plain white one so had to bring this abomination to get people to buy another.

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