Sweden Women’s National Team To Play With Inspirational Quotes On Shirts Instead Of Their Names (Photos)

Chris Wright

2nd, March 2017



The Sweden women’s national team have decided to drop their names in favour of plastering inspirational messages across their shoulders.

The shirts are being produced for the upcoming Algarve Cup, with each player selecting their own quote of choice from fellow prominent Swedish women.

Team captain Lotta Schelin has opted for a quote pinched from the Twitter feed of politician Gudrun Schyman that reads, “Never look down on someone unless it is to help her up”…

Explaining the importance of the initiative, Schelin told the Swedish FA website:

The national team shirt is an important symbol and it constantly reminds us that we can win, whatever game, whatever competition.

I think it is great that we can join forces with other strong women and that we together can show that everything is possible.

Veteran midfielder Lisa Dahlkvist has opted for a slightly less refined message, choosing a punchy tweet from Zara Larsson (the Swedish pop star responsible for the Euro 2016 anthem we all know, love and remember so fondly)…

Meanwhile, full-back Magdelena Eriksson echoed the words of radio host Agnes Lo Akerlind to show her support for women playing football under oppressive conditions.

“I have chosen to highlight a quote from Agnes Lo because I play football for all those women who cannot,” Eriksson tweeted.

Niklas Bodell, communication director for the Swedish FA, had this to say:

With the help of the national team, the initiative is first and foremost to highlight the power that comes with doing things together and the women’s team’s success is a good example of that.

We also hope that it can inspire people to stand up for each other, notwithstanding who you are or where you come from.

Smashing stuff.

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  1. C says:

    Bringing politics into football, what could possibly go wrong? Far left wing politics, to boot!

  2. Marvin says:

    Will the Swedish FA just get fined or threatened with ban – as a certain FA did for daring to honour the fallen with a red splodge on their shirt.

    Speaking after the IFAB meeting, FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke said: “From now on, there can be no slogan or image whatsoever on undergarments – even good-natured ones.
    “This will apply from June 1 and be in force for the World Cup.”
    The Football Association had proposed the ban to make sure there was a consistent message and its general secretary Alex Horne said: “The idea is to get some consistency. The simplest rule for the image of the game is to start from the basis that slogans will not be allowed.”
    Jonathan Ford, chief executive of the Football Association of Wales, said: “Everyone agreed about political or religious statements but on personal statements some of us did consider how far are we going.
    “We decided, however, it was easier for us to say it has no place in the game.”
    Referees will not book players who display messages. Disciplinary action will be meted out by the footballing authorities in charge of the respective matches

    Or is it “One rule for girls….”

  3. Wazzinho says:

    A poor idea for a plethora of reasons, the least of which probably being that they chose some of the silliest cliches around! Hopefully the idea will gain traction and cross over to the boy’s game, though. Can’t wait to see what great quip philosopher Zlatan Ibrahimovic will plaster across his back.

  4. Archer says:

    What a load of pompous twaddle!

    I bet the women footballers in Iran really appreciate the message of solidarity 🙄

  5. Chris says:

    My theory is that after WW2 Swedes got a moral hangover from which they can’t recover until today. So, they engage in those pitiful initiatives to blindly ideologize and indoctrinize every aspect of their lives and fill that empty void.

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