The 15 Most Garish World Cup Kits

Ollie Irish

28th, May 2010


By Ollie Irish

My eyes, my eyes!


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Mexico goalkeeper, 1994

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  1. Chris says:

    I’d love to own all of those bad boys.

  2. Dan says:

    Jorge Campos, the Mexican goalkeeper in picture number 1, always had a…erm…’unique’ taste in shirts, Google his name and prepare to claw your eyes out with a rusty fork…

  3. Hootie says:

    Jorge Campos is a shit kit legend.

  4. C says:

    I actually liked the germany home kit from -94 :S
    And the japanese flames was neat too, at least if it only was for the keeper!

  5. Squelch says:

    I know it’s not a World Cup but David Seaman’s shirts at Euro 96 were pretty shocking.

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  7. spectator says:

    i was once bitten on the eye by an ant, but that’s nothing compared to looking at the 90s again.

  8. American says:

    Both of the 1994 USA kits were pure crap. Coupled with the ugliness of Lalas and the Douchiness of Wynalda.

  9. Ty says:

    USA 94 away kit is classic. I would love to see a remake for 2014!

  10. Philtheshrill says:

    Couldn’t hold it to ten, or edit your title? Good stuff though. We need a separate keepers list.

  11. Tom Jones says:

    Campos ’94 – Great kit. Football needs more people like Jorge Campos.
    Higuita ’90 – The kit looks a bit odd but it’s not that bad. And Rene is a legend.
    Germany ’94 – Great kit. The Germans know how to make a great kit and this is one of many.
    Nigeria away ’94 – Grey kits seldom work. Not awful but definately rather poor.
    South Africa ’98 – Colourful. Too colourful.
    Schmeichel – Quite ordinary goalkeeper kit really.
    Jamaica ’98 – The shirt is kind of cool but when you continue the colours to the shorts it just looks weird.
    Campos ’98 – Is he trying to make the goalie kit look like the regular home kit? What makes it look bad is the ancient God paintings all over it and the fact that his shorts are yellow.
    Tunisia ’98 – I like them. They look cool.
    Kawaguchi ’98 – Interesting. A colourful goalkeeper kit can make the opposition lose concentration so I can see why he has it. The Flames are kind of cool aswell.
    Denmark ’86 – Well dodgy. Looks like a very cheap knock off shirt really. Shorts and socks are good though.
    Buffon ’06 – Looks like he has a white t-shirt under his brown kit. Poor design.
    Stejskal ’90 – The arms looks very well padded. It actually looks allright for a goalkeeper kit. Would have looked awful it had been a regular one though. And nice that they let some kids try to draw sheep on it.
    USA ’94 – Looks very American. But it doesnt really work since the kit is grey. Looks like it has lost it’s colour in washing or something.
    Taffarel ’94 – Looks good considering they have managed to squeeze all the colours on the Brazilian flag on to it really.

  12. Orteguita 10 says:

    Campos´kits were far better than any worn by Shilton or Seaman. As a keeper, he was miles ago from any English in the last 120 years.

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