World Cup 2010 Gallery: All 32 Away Shirts

Ollie Irish

16th, June 2010


By Ollie Irish

A handy guide to the away shirts being worn by each of the 32 World Cup nations in South Africa (I couldn’t find a decent pic of Korea DPR):


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All 32 home shirts

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  1. spectator says:

    i’m australian, can i blame our rubbishness on the rubbishness of both our strips? no?

    germany and spain’s are similar and both look quite sinister.

  2. Jezza says:

    Ivory Coast, Algeria and Cameroon are making my eyes bleed. Bad Puma. Naughty Puma.

  3. dc says:

    pretty sure you got mexico’s wrong. its black but that one looks more like a training kit than their actual one

  4. Luke says:

    I gotta say puma have done well, uruguay and algeria look tasty, germany’s is classic as always…sigh

  5. lumsh says:

    I don’t why but i really like Brazil’s kit. Puma went to far on some of their kits…..Ivory Coasts are just making me colourblind

  6. Deckard says:

    I like white and red shirts. There some cool white ones there, Italy’s, South Korea’s, Denmark’s, but France’s away shirt is just classy. Those vertical lines look retro, 80’s, I like that. If only a better French side was playing in them. But that’s a different matter.

    Some god awful ones there too. Makes you hope that those teams are spared the embarrassment for actually having to wear them. Ivory Coast, South Africa, Ghana, just horrible. Austrlia’s might be the ugliest of the lot and sadly they’ve already had to wear it. Maybe it was those hideous shirts that caused that ass whooping.

  7. james says:

    dc is right, mexico’s is definitely wrong. i think argentina’s is wrong too, it looks far too dark.

  8. Deckard says:

    That prolly has to do with the lighting cuz it’s definitely Argentina’s away shirt. I quite like it, throwback to 1990.

  9. Tom Jones says:

    Argentina – Classy kit. All blue is very often a winner.
    Mexico – Decent, looks a bit too much like a t-shirt though.
    New Zealand – Great kit. Simplicity taken to perfection.
    Nigeria – Not bad, the green bits on the top spoils it slightly though.
    Paraguay – Ok, nothing special really.
    Portugal – Quite good.
    Serbia – Classic look. Very nice kit.
    Slovakia – Good kit. Slightly damaged by the white stripes.
    Slovenia – Decent kit. Is the up and down yellow stripe supposed to reflect the Slovenian mountains?
    South Africa – Ok. Not the best colour combination.
    South Korea – Very good actually. The badge is great.
    Spain – Not sure about this one. Looks rather boring really.
    Switzerland – Simple but classy. Shows that you can come a long way without too much fuzz.
    Uruguay – Another great looking simple shirt.
    Japan – Quite good, not sure about the grey dots though.
    Ivory Coast – Not very good really. Why put in the yellow lines? And why put in the green at the top left?
    Italy – Good. Except the brown spots under each arm.
    Algeria – Could have been decent but the useless design ruins it.Why make the top left all green?
    Australia – Looks like a simple t-shirt.
    Brazil. – Quite good infact. Would probably looked even better without the white dots though.
    Cameroon – Once again an otherwise fine african shirt ruined by awful design regarding the top left corner.
    Chile – Very nice shirt indeed.
    Denmark – Could have been good but the top kind of ruins it.
    England – Quite good. But why isn’t the star above the crest gold coloured?
    France – Looks alright but would be better without the thin downward lines.
    Germany – Extremely good. Simple kits is a winner.
    Ghana – Again an kind of ok African kit ruined by rubbish design.
    Greece – Almost very good but the diagonal white line makes it just good.
    Holland – Very good kit.Simple and good.
    Honduras – Would have been a great kit without the big joma writing on it.
    USA – Not bad, not bad at all.
    North Korea – Kim Il Sung says it is great.

  10. A says:

    nigeria didnt qualify for the world cup in south africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF

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