West Bromwich Albion Reveal New Umbro Kits – Shame About The Logo

Ollie Irish

9th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish



As with most new Umbro kits, the emphasis is on simplicity. That’s a good thing. But… you’re thinking what I’m thinking, right? The HomeServe sponsor’s logo ruins both kits. Were I Alan Pardew, I might say the logo totally rapes the shirts.

The effect is like adding furry dice to an E-Type. Such a shame.

Buy online from West Brom’s official shop (maybe you can ask them nicely to take the logo off).

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  1. jon says:

    i’d pay extra for sponsorless kits

  2. epiblast says:

    If it just said “HomeServe” in red, with no house, no phone number, it might be better.

  3. Silas_Marner says:

    I am afraid the HomeServe logo has all the attributes of been designed by a 16 year old on work experience who has just mastered Microsoft Word! Professional it is not!

  4. David says:

    I wouldn’t be seen dead in that rubbish the worst designed sponsored shirt of all time – the marketing department at West Brom stinks – sack the lot of them as they have cost the club thousands in lost sales.

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  6. Toby LeRhone says:

    I think the kit is lovely! How can you say otherwise!!!
    Me and my wife both have the kit and it has been the saviour of our marrige, we are going through some really tough times at teh moment, the kit and sponsor is the only thing keeping us together.
    We are actually getting our vowes reviewd at half time in the upcoming Arsenal game.

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