Bayern Munich Don Lederhosen For Annual Oktoberfest Knees-Up (Photos)

Chris Wright

20th, September 2011


By Chris Wright

Around this time every year, the Bayern Munich squad celebrate the onset of Oktoberfest by talcing up and slithering into their lederhosen for a traditional Paulaner photo shoot – here are the best snaps from this year’s, which took place at the club’s training ground yesterday…

Toni Kroos turns up, gingham tablecloth in hand

“Brace yourself!” Manuel Neuer gives Takashi Usami a helping hand

What’s the matter Diego? Not ‘Contento’ with your outfit?

Jupp Heynckes cocks a leg and strikes a vicious, red-faced pose

Big thumbs up from Usami

Malcolm X poses with a fan outside

Thomas Muller erupts after asking the barmaid to ‘give him more head on his’

“To chaffage!”

Bonus Franck Ribery, 2007 vintage…

Photos: Bayern Report