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25 Of The Best Club Badges In African Football

By Chris Wright

We’ve already had a butcher’s at the very finest club logos that South American football (and Central/Northern America for all those geography pedants out there!) has to offer, and now we’re shifting continents to bring you our 25 favourite badges from the realms of Africa’s various domestic football leagues…

1. Kaizer Chiefs, South Africa

Everyday we love this badge less and less…

2. AmaZulu FC, South Africa

Too good to be forgotten…

3. Blackburn Rovers, South Africa

An obviously learned team with a suitably high-brow slogan…

4. Kakamega Homeboyz FC, Kenya

Homeboyz? Sounds a bit corny…

5. Roses United, South Africa

Produced using Corel Draw 3…

6. Karuturi Sports, Kenya

Striking fear into the hearts of their opponents wherever they roam…

7. Wikki Tourists FC, Kenya

Julian Assange’s old side…

8. Harare Gunners, Zimbabwe

We say ‘pah!’ to your copyright infringement lawsuit…

9. Santos FC, South Africa

If you wondered just what values Santos stand for, have a quick shufty at their badge…

10. Bush Bucks FC, South Africa

That’s just straight-up cool…

11. Esperance Sportive, Tunisia

Nice crest, don’t think much of the kit though. Looks like it might get a bit ‘drafty’…

12. Power Dynamos FC, Zambia

Not just dynamos, POWER dynamos…

13. Harrar Beer Bottling FC, Ethiopia

The Bottlers will never back down…

14. Zanzibar Football Federation, Zanzibar

Because who knew Zanzibar had an FA?

15. Danay FC Nagoua, Cameroon

Any fin is possible…

16. Cicam Garoua, Cameroon

Gnu kids on the block…

17. Ethiopian Coffee FC, Ethiopia

ECFC give it the beans every game…

18. Missiles FC, Gabon

Very dangerous from Exocet-pieces…

19. Tudu Mighty Jets FC, Ghana

The darling boys have a darling badge…

20. Office du Niger Sports, Mali

Rooting for root vegetables…

21. Blue Waters FC, Namibia

Sorry, do what to the birds?

22. Sharks FC, Nigeria

They couldn’t have picked a more pansy-looking shark if they tried…

23. Guediawaye FC, Senegal

Best way to beat these guys is a liberal application of Lyclear…

24. Eleven Men in Flight FC, Swaziland

Presenting: Pies’ new favourite football team…

25. Divine Warriors FC, Nigeria

Holy dove vomiting celestial light on a football-playing flying fish = WIN…

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By Chris on February 18th, 2013 in Featured, Newsnow, Top 10s & lists. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

23 Responses to “25 Of The Best Club Badges In African Football”

  1. Mark says:

    These are amazing. Blackburn Rovers and Eleven Men In Flight FC are my favourites! And I think that prompts a flight-based footballers punathon!

    Any chance of Asia or maybe English non-league badges next?

  2. Mr Sensible says:

    Some of these are great, the Roses Utd and Office du Niger are particularly good while Kakamega Homeboyz is possibly the best name ever.

    All of them are a million times better than QPR’s recent updated crest, absolutely soulless.

  3. quebec in your face says:

    Indeed, who DID know Zanzibar had an FA? Considering the country’s now called Tanzania. Did no one bother to change the name of the Footballing Body?

    Nevertheless, these are class. Roses United is definitely my team from now on.

  4. sniper89 says:

    I’m from South Africa and I still laugh every time I see the Blackburn Rovers badge.

    Some other good African badges:
    Orlando Pirates (from South Africa) – skull and crossbones
    TP Mazembe (from DRC) – a crocodile with a football in it’s mouth.
    Enyimba (Nigeria) – elephant with a leg on a ball

  5. Kin Ju Bing says:

    @quebec in your face Zanzibar is part of Tanzania just as Scotland is part of UK. Zanzibar are members of CAF. I thought this was common knowledge.

  6. sniper89 says:

    @quebec in your face:

    Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, similar to how the Faroe Islands are a semi-autonomous part of Denmark.

  7. dunginmybum says:

    @quebec in your face – Zanzibar is considered an autonomous region of Tanzania.

    Players from the Zanzibar region are however eligible to play for Tanzania. This is because the Zanzibar FA is only an associate member of the continental body, CAF.

    This status means that Zanzibar can’t compete in AFCON or WC qualifiers, but their clubs can compete in the ACL or ACC.

    No real point of having an FA actually.

  8. wee-bey says:

    @Kin Zanzibar aren’t full CAF members, just associate members.

    As @dunginmybum mentions, they can’t compete in AFCON qualifiers and they also can’t compete in WC qualifiers (because they aren’t FIFA members). Only their clubs are allowed to compete in continental cups.

    Some great looking badges. love the Roses United and Missiles FC ones.

    I don’t think Bush Bucks exist anymore.
    Perhaps @Sniper89 can confirm this.

  9. ringo says:

    @quebec in your face – I was in Zanzibar on a fishing trip once and the owner of the lodge went absolutely mental when i suggested that they are part of Tanzania.
    Offered the him some fish a peace offering to calm him down .. lol.

  10. moss says:

    @sniper89 Have to agree with your suggestions there mate. Loving the Pirates badge.

  11. jojo says:

    You hit me. We hit you.

    So eloquent and inspirational.

  12. sniper89 says:

    @wee-bey Yep. Bush Bucks no longer exist. There is a “phoenix club” in the semi-pro leagues, but I doubt they use the same badge as the original Bush Bucks.

  13. It’s all about Botswana Meat Commission FC

  14. Martinek says:

    Wikki Tourists are from Bauchi state in Nigeria

  15. sasa says:

    @Ashley Whats great or fascinating about their badge?
    Seen it an nothing really stands out.

  16. […] already covered South American and African football‘s finest insignia over the past couple of weeks, so it’s bloody well high time that we […]

  17. Terry Shedingham says:

    “You hit ME, WE hit you”?

  18. […] Die 25 “schönsten” Wappen afrikanischer Clubs hat Who ate all the pies. […]

  19. zethembe shezi says:

    i am going with the top 5,,,,they are all the best

  20. Hiyam says:

    the greatest football clubs in the content aren’t there!!
    where is Al-Ahli (top one)? Mazembe? Zamalek? Merriekh? Hilal? Mali stadium?

  21. Hiyam says:

    you’ve missed out the must successful clubs in Africa.
    Al-ahli (top one), Zamalek, Merriekh, Hilal, Mazembe, and Mali Stadium.

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