Top 10 Villains Of The 2010 World Cup

Ollie Irish

12th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

There were probably more villains than heroes at the 2010 World Cup. That’s not such a bad thing, as we all love a good villain. Here’s our top 10:


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Mark Van Bommel - The man they couldn't book. In the final he became the man they couldn't send off. He's a dirty, charmless thug. A bad loser too.

Who’s your villain of the tournament?

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  1. Ziki says:

    And who can forget Robben, the guy whose more suited to diving then soccer, before he even touches the ball he thinks about diving… bad sportsmanship

  2. Andy says:

    1-VooVoo zela
    2-Sani Kaita;kick at Vassilis Torosidis.
    3-Felipe Melo:stomp on Robben.
    5-Entire French l(oaf)

  3. Joe says:

    Iniesta by a mile. Managed to get two Dutch players booked with his ridiculous diving within a minute of each other. Used to love the Xaviniesta axis, but all that cheating and card-waving puts them below Robbie Savage and Sepp Blatter in my sympathy stakes.

    Second is Nigel de Jong, who was lucky not to be arrested (let alone red carded) after that flying kick on Xabi Alonso.

    Third is Robin Van Persie. Playing with him up front was like playing with Frank Lampard or, in other words, with ten men. On the rare occasion that his rather soft manager DID sub him, he had the nerve to throw a bitch fit about it. Huntelaar scored as many in 15 minutes as VP did in 7 games, which tells you all you need to know.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i’m with you joe, iniesta is a knob. and busquets for largely the same reasons.

    and in that photo, blatter looks exactly like darth vader when the helmet was taken off.

  5. spectator says:

    i’m with you joe, iniesta is a knob. and busquets for largely the same reasons.

    and in that photo, blatter looks exactly like darth vader after the helmet was taken off.

  6. annoni says:

    1. The entire French team
    2.Sepp Blatter
    3.the jabualni
    4.The refs
    5.Felipe Melo/Nigel DeJong

  7. Luc says:

    Blatter = The Penguin

  8. Miguel says:

    England would love to have one player with half of Iniesta’s football abilities, let alone half his brain.
    If master diver Gerrard would be one in the final trying to survive tackles like Iniesta, you would all think he is a hero, but all you can do is hate and see how a team like Spain can try to play their game regardless of Howard Webb (disgrace) and the dutch MMA fighters.
    Btw, did you see how Spain won the Fair Play game. Yeah, good luck getting that with Terry on the pitch and Capello on the bench.

  9. Miguel says:

    …and Mark Van Bommel is everything Pies said he was. He is the worst of the worst.

  10. NIck Sincere says:

    I can’t believe no Nigel de Jong on the list. That kick was more disturbing that Zidane’s headbutt. Dutch should have been playing ten down for 3/4’s of the game.

  11. Miguel says:

    Check out Iniesta’s legs after the game…and he is the diver! LOL

  12. eamogomez says:

    Suarez for dat handball 10 times worse than henrys, and he says hes proud he did it wot a CUNT

  13. Joe says:

    Spain won the Fair Play award???? That’s the funniest joke I’ve heard all month. Besides all the diving (and there was plenty of that), their childish appealling of even the fairest decisions made me want to book a ticket to South Africa and give them all a good slap. For example, against Paraguay, when their opponents got one of the clearest penalties you’ll see (Pique tried to twist his opponent’s arm out of its socket), the whole team (including Pique and his silly little beard) spent ages harassing the referee, thus throwing the penalty taker off his game. If that’s what passes for fair play these days, I’m going to teach my kids to win their fights with a sharp kick to the gonads.

  14. CeejayNightwing says:

    Luis Suarez, not every player would have done the same thing but every person that would likes to think that way naturally! Surez is a consistent cheat, he dives and fakes injury week in week out for Ajax. He did it in every game throughout this World Cup until being exposed against Ghana.

    Look back to the Uruguay vs South Africa game and see how his extravagant dive gets the keeper sent off with just a brushing of his leg against the keepers TOE! once again the idiot commentators vindicated his dive a a “solid decision”. Worse moment ever is him sneaking back on to the pitch after he’d been sent off to celebrate knocking the Ghanaians out, disgusting!

  15. Temjin says:

    Carlos “I’m a fucking greedy swine” Queiroz

  16. The Old Campaigner says:

    John Terry wins hands down in spite of the gangster Blatter and the scumbag French. Terry is an embarrassment to England on and off the field, his hapless performance against Germany was shameful. He split the team and undermined the manager, Sir Alf wouldn’t have stood him for two minutes even if he was a good player, which he isn’t. A disgrace to a once proud nation. Overrated, emotionally unstable, obnoxious, egotistical, a perfect example of all the faults of modern players in one loathsome objectional individual.

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