Top 5 quotes of the week


20th, October 2006


1 ‘Everyone’s very
comfortable on the ball and almost all of them are athletic. We play
what I call "orgy football": the other team know they’re going to get
it, but they don’t know from whom or where from.’

Cardiff chairman Sam Hammam (pictured). Lovely image, Sam – you’re a poet

2 ‘He can smell round corners now.’
Plymouth boss Ian Holloway on Hasney Aljofree’s broken nose

3 ‘Great country. Full of food. I especially like Yorkshire…’
Martin O’Neill’s reply when asked what he thought of England (the international team, that is)

4 ‘If it’s going to take that long then I won’t be giving Sky any interviews in the meantime.’
David James overreacts to the news that Sky can’t fix his satellite box until December.

5 ‘I’ve never had a more bizarre
minute or so. It was crazy. Stuart Taylor shouted "leave the ball" but
in that split second I got a touch. It was a fantastic goal from Gareth
Barry, one of the best I’ve seen, and it was a great relief for us and
especially for me. But with the penalties, I’ll keep going. It doesn’t
change at all.’

Juan-Pablo Angel reviews his calamitous 60 seconds (missed penalty, own goal) for Villa last weekend.