Top 10 footballers on Cameo who cost less than £100

Ollie Irish

3rd, April 2021


It’s no surprise that plenty of ex-footballers are getting in on the Cameo act, as it’s an incredibly easy way to make a few quid, either for yourself or for charity. If you’re not aware of Cameo, it’s a fast-growing platform that enables you, Joe Normal, to request a personalised video from any number of celebs (ranging from A to Z List).

The ‘soccer’ category is dominated by American players and ex-players, most of whom I’ve never heard of and who have implausible names (Josh Blue! Morgan Malborough! Forrest Lasso!) but there are a few British, European and South American players on there. And some of the names are rather surprising.

We’ll start in the bargain bin and gradually get more expensive (but still cheap as chips):

Mark Crossley – £15
The Nottm Forest legend is an absolute steal, costing less than you’d pay for scampi and chips in a posh pub.

Brian Deane – £22.50
Deano was the man who scored the first ever goal in the Premier League (for Sheffield United against Man Utd in August 1992), so perhaps he’s undervaluing himself here. Come on Brian, don’t sell yourself short.

Thomas Ravelli – £30
Older readers will remember Ravelli. He’s the mad-eyed Sweden goalkeeper who starred for his country at the 1994 World Cup.

Steve Bull – £35.25
Now we’re talking. For the price of one month’s fibre broadband, you can order a personal message from one of Wolves’ true legends.

Kanu – £37.50
Who wouldn’t want a message from Arsenal cult hero Kanu. Kanu!

Gaizka Mendieta – £37.50
One for the middle-aged football hipster. And Valencia and Boro fans.

Carlos Valderrama – £74.25
I know plenty of fans who would love to receive a message from Colombia’s big-haired World Cup hero (pictured).

Adrian Mutu – £75
Why is Mutu 75p more expensive than Valderrama? I have no idea.

Paul Ince – £75
Why not commission the Guvnor to record a message to any West Ham-supporting mate who you want to wind up.

Mia Hamm – £93.75
All proceeds go to the Mia Hamm Foundation, which supports marrow and cord blood transplant patients. Well played, Mia!

P.S. The most expensive football figures currently on Cameo are Roger Milla, Cameroon’s hero of Italia 90, and Avram Grant, the former Chelsea manager. Both cost a whopping £750. Milla, that seems fair enough – he’s a bona fide legend. Grant, well, to me that does not represent value for money.