5 Sets of fans who should be worried

Ollie Irish

24th, October 2006


RidsdaleWe are not ones for scaremongering here at Pies. Oh wait, yes we are. Click the link below to find out which clubs’ fans should be very, very afraid of what the not-too-distant future may hold.

5 Sets of fans who should be worried continued

1 Cardiff Peter Ridsdale is the Bluebirds’ new chairman. His track record suggests putting him in charge of a football club is about as effective as putting Pete Doherty in charge of a pharmacy.

2 Liverpool Rumours abound that Rotating Rafa could force Stevie G out of Anfield by continuing to play him on the right.

3 Ipswich The Tractor Boys are hoping to bring back the in-form Titus Bramble when his contract with Newcastle expires or possibly even sooner (apparently they might be willing to pay for his services!).

4 Newcastle There’s nothing like takeover talks to upset the applecart, but the Magpies’ Granny Smiths are far from stable at present anyway. The good news is that Freddy Shepherd could be ousted if the takeover goes through.

5 Sheffield Wednesday Popular manager Paul Sturrock was sacked last week by unpopular chairman Dave Allen. A fan protest ensued. There’s trouble a-brewing at Hillsbrough.

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  1. Ash says:

    MMM, not sure you should be so cynical about Risdale. He took Leeds from mid table of the old division 2 to top of Div 1 (now the prem). Leeds were in Europe for five years under him too.
    It all went wrong for Leeds when O’Leary bought so many iffy players. It’ll be interesting to see how Risdale fares at Cardiff especially as they’ll prob be inthe prem next year

  2. Billyo says:

    If you’re not worried about Ridsdale can I suggest a read of today’s Guardian sports section. O’leary may have bought shite players but Ridsdale was boastful about how much money the club was spending, thus over-inflating prices/wages for those average players which led to the financial mess leeds are STILL not out of.

  3. Rob P says:

    I agree with Billyo. Ridsdale only took over as chairman in 1997 and the financial reports about the club’s spending (not just on players) during his time in charge were bordering on the ridiculous.

  4. MattGar says:

    Thanks for good post! Thats what i’ve been looking for.