Samir Nasri Verbally Abused By Liverpool Fans Whilst Driving Home (Video)

Alan Duffy

12th, January 2012


By Alan Duffy

In a definite case of ‘do not try this at home’, a bunch of Liverpool fans (you can tell they are Liverpool fans by their thick Scouse accents), driving home after last night’s Carling Cup win against Manchester City, found themselves in the lane next to one Samir Nasri. The fans then proceeded to engage in a bit of hilarous ‘banter’ (ie abuse) with the French schemer, who took the bait and rolled down the window of his car, before eventually speeding off.

Not the safest driving you’ll ever see by this shower of buffoons, but it’s well worth a look. Watch out for the ripe language too! However, whatever you think about Nasri, or any other player, to be honest, the abuse footballers have to take can be rather ridiculous, even whilst in your car driving home.


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  1. Marley says:

    I’m a liverpool fan… these lads are absolute d1ckheads!

  2. C says:

    “you can tell they are Liverpool fans by their thick Scouse accents”

    And everton all of a sudden stopped existing? Just so you can get in another blow against Liverpool?

  3. Lady B says:

    What a bunch of plonkers…

  4. Vee says:

    classy as always….they def deserve their salaries in my opinion

  5. Richard Dunne says:

    Also from a red, lads, you could have done a lot better there. I think you were a bit star struck. Its a good job you told him that you ‘literally shuld have stayed at arsenal’ or else both myself and samir nasri would probably not have realised that this was a literal statement

  6. Mike J says:

    “you can tell they are Liverpool fans by their thick Scouse accents”

    Er, there’s not one Scouse accent amongst them. They all sound like Mockneys to me.

  7. gamblino says:

    Dick heads! They sound more like Arsenal fans with their passionate belief that he should have stayed there. Fuck knows why anyone would think that.

  8. thisISben says:


    ‘“you can tell they are Liverpool fans by their thick Scouse accents”

    And everton all of a sudden stopped existing? Just so you can get in another blow against Liverpool?’

    They were shouting 1 – 0.

    They’re really going to be boasting that Liverpool won 1 – 0 if they are Everton fans aren’t they.

  9. Dargo says:

    Wow, I these morons would give the village idiot a bad name!

    Talk about thick

  10. bgkjhoi;lok says:

    An embarrassment to all Liverpool fans

  11. MrMac says:

    Isn’t this just how merseyside people are?

    Daft, thick and not the sharpest tools regarding societies “innerworkings”.
    Got football, not much else.

    From a non english perspective that’s how most of my mates see them anyway:O

    (being a bit stereotypical prickish here myself, but well..)

  12. Mr. Chopper says:

    Classy as fuck. What a sack of trolls.

  13. Lady B says:

    They probably wouldn’t have attempted this if it were Balotelli though….

  14. Coolie says:


  15. gamblino says:

    MrMac, that stereotype is’t confined to merseyside. Just maybe 70 or 80% of English footie fans! Like they say above anyway, these boys arent even scouse.

    I’d love to see it done to mad mario anyway.

  16. MrMacsanarse says:

    MrMac you Sir are an arse!

  17. Kacker says:

    Have you even heard a Scouse accent before Alan?

  18. Alan Duffy says:

    @Kacker Erm, have you ever heard of irony before Kacker?

  19. goonerdan says:

    they sound like theyre from Birmingham not Merseyside

  20. Sameer says:

    It’s funny! Look how most of these people comment as though they are moral always.. give me a break, this video is funny.. Don’t care what y’all have to say.

  21. Mr. Angry says:

    “thick scouse accent” my arse! they sound nothing like scousers

    @ alan duffy
    you couldnt tell your arsehole from your earhole mate let alone scouse accents!

  22. Holland 1945 says:

    You can tell they’re Liverpool fans because they DON’T have scouse accents. They probably don’t even know where Liverpool is.

  23. Mr. Sparkle says:

    @MrMac, you shouldn’t judge a whole city based on four idiots in a car.

  24. Joe Soap says:

    Agreeing with Sameer. This is brilliant. If I was driving alongside Nasri, I’d give him a bit of stick (and I’m not an Arsenal fan). Everyone just needs to lighten up

  25. Tinez says:

    This article should be confined solely to those who understand and identify British sarcasm. Not these fools who are trying to point out that they don’t have scouse accents, and thus that the article is stupid.

    What a bunch of burger flippers.

  26. gamblino says:

    Agreed! What a bunch of halfwits.

  27. Harry says:

    Why can you not understand that Alan was being ironic. Of course they aren’t from Liverpool. The days when fans support their local clubs are over..

  28. Murray says:

    They’re definitely obnoxious jerks.

    But on the bright side, they weren’t racist.

  29. Jamie says:

    Everytin bad is now lfc? This is acquired bad belle syndrome.

  30. KM says:

    Talk about giving us Liverpool fans a bad name.. eesh. As a Scouser and a Liverpool fan that makes me angry, That behavior just adds to the existing stigma that has been going around as of late, the fan abusing the Oldham player, then this?

    It’s like the Raider fans out in here California, not all of them are bad fans but the few who are, ruin it for everyone.


  31. Paul says:

    Why is this even a news story? You realise that the idiots in the car will think this is their moment of glory… I wouldn’t give them the attention.

  32. MrMac says:


    I don’t, i judge it on personal visits to liverpool and the general stories emerging from the press.

    I have the equal… “english footie chav guy in ibiza bloke” stereotype about southampton if it helps :D


    Geuss your from liverpool, eh boy ?

  33. Timbo says:

    It’s really actually quite humorous to read all the comments on here. All of these people bashing the people in the video, when with the opportunity they would do the same thing. I’m sure if this was a Manchester United supporter after their victory over the weekend against City, they would be saying the same thing. With all the discrimination going around, I think maybe you’d people would see a little humor in carefree banter. Nasri could of easily just left his window up and drove away, but he decided to throw some banter in himself with the TOP OF THE LEAGUE comment. It’s just football banter, it’s funny and this isn’t harming anyone. You all need to just relax a bit.

  34. js94 says:

    Please don’t judge all Liverpool Fans like this, most of us would just ask for an autograph.

  35. Arsenesbrasso says:

    Not Merseyside accents. They sound like they’re from the Midlands.

  36. tendon not is says:

    Oh my days, all you numps complaining bout how it aint a scouse accent please look up irony in the dictionary . Even if you didnt catch it take a glance at Alans comments before you start complaining again. Typical whinging scouses

  37. “I hope Man City don’t win the league”. Who would you rather win it instead guys, Man Utd?

  38. tino says:

    those guys are fucking crazy. the aint any chance of them becoming a star. just being jealous.

  39. Applesauce says:

    Poor Nasri. What’s he going to do with all that money he makes for playing football now that some chavs insulted him?

    Though I do have an intense dislike of him.

  40. Fart Master Arse says:

    What is everyone so mad about??? That wasn’t that bad was it? I’ve seen much worse in my time. Sorry, I will resume wanking over Henry’s goal now, bye.

  41. rafa says:

    “you’re a nobody, you’re a nobody”

    …see the taillights of his porsche whiz by

    haters gonna ____

  42. Nonsense says:

    What a joke this piece is. Not a scouse accent there. Whoever posted it needs to crawl back under his rock.

  43. YourWrong says:

    That a brummy accent for starters, thick scouse accent my arse. You must be deaf as well then.

  44. Joker says:

    Typical, another way for some loser to slate Liverpool FC. What these lads did was a joke, and only a joke, makes me laugh that straight away they put a bad perspective on it because it’s LFC, you people are sad and perthetic. I’d imagine it’s a United fan who’s stirring all this up because they know we are still the biggest club in the UK, I wonder what a United fan would have said to Nasri had they seen him after Man City anialated them 6-0.

  45. Richard Birko says:

    Dear Alan Duffy,
    This mildly interesting story is immediately offset by an untruth. It is clear you don’t know your arse from your elbow when it comes to accents, these lads are clearly a midlands bunch (not a scouse accent is heard all the way through this video) though they may well be Reds. Please get your facts straight before posting again, or just avoid talking about things you know nothing about.

  46. PETER says:

    These WANKERS should be tracked down and banned from ALL Liverpool games in the future.
    Liverpool don’t need these so-called-supporters at all.
    Track them down Kenny and Team and do the right thing.

  47. Skeezy Lady says:

    This guys are absolutely right ! Come on Liverpool !

  48. arsabeatbarca says:

    Oh to be a gooner! We are going to pass the Spurs, win the FA cup and the CL.We luv you Arsenal, we really, really do!!!

  49. Biiip says:

    The video is funny and the comments are even funnier, is it because people are too ofended by the article that they don’t get th irony of the scouse accent part?!
    And I don’t see the point in insulting these guys either o___O

  50. Fart Master Arse says:

    Really one dude thinks these guys should be banned haha!

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