Anfield Cat Makes Leap Into Memehood – Passes 24,000 Follower Mark On Twitter

Chris Wright

7th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Strange, I know, that something as anodyne as a cat should become an instant internet meme (meow-eme?), but this isn’t just any old flea-bitten feline; this is The Anfield Cat – the cat that put the ‘feline’ into ‘I’m feline very ashamed of the entire world right now’…

He/she/it has also, for reasons unbeknownst, accrued upwards of 24,400 followers on Twitter…

All very impressive once you remember that his account has been set up and verified without the use of opposable thumbs.

Christ! You know it must’ve been a god-awful game when a cat – I’ll say that again – a CAT, gets 25k followers off the back of it after padding around for a couple of minutes.

I weep. Softly.