Snapshot: One Of These Men Is About To Become Liverpool Manager…

Chris Wright

30th, May 2012


By Chris Wright

…the other was disintegrated by a Welsh Death Stare of Death…

That’s right. After it was originally thought that Swansea were having none of their prying, it would now appear that Liverpool are all set to name Brendan Rodgers as their new manager within the next couple o’ days following talks with FSG and John W. Henry this afternoon and that he’ll be signing a three/four-year deal at Anfield before the weekend – that’s what Sky Sports News are reporting anywho.

What do you make of that, pray tell?

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  1. eric says:

    It would be nice to think that Rodgers can come into Anfield and turn these mired Reds into a higher caliber Swansea. But all that chemistry that Rodgers mixed with over in Wales came from hungry championship players who would buy into Rodgers system of passing and glamorous football. Good luck to Brendan and his efforts to get a maligned Downing, an aging Stevie G, a pestilent Suarez, and the rest of the lot to play his version of football. With all that Rodgers can be successful by just playing a sexy kind of football that yields a Europa spot. Time shall tell, Swansea ahead of Liverpool at years end?

  2. Hirsty says:

    Good manager, can’t be any worse than what they’ve had for the last few years…

  3. Toz says:

    Chris, please, respect yourself and us. Don’t use SkySports as a source of news. They’re just a little more credible than

  4. Ben says:

    I really thought we’d managed to hold on to Rodgers for a bit there, looks unlikely now. At least Gylfi’s been signed.
    Seeing as the only two men publicly in the race for Liverpool were the current and an ex-Swansea manager I’m sure the chairman can pull something off. Next year could get a bit hairy though.

  5. scouser says:

    Brendan Rodgers – the best we can get !! F*$? me pink. Do these yanks know anything yet?

  6. Harry says:

    @scouser you ain’t a top team anymore, he’s the best person who would have wanted to go to Liverpool.

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