Liverpool Unveil New Warrior 2012/13 Home Kit – It’s Kinda Sorta Made Of Coffee! (Video & Photos)

Chris Wright

2nd, June 2012


By Chris Wright

Here it is folks, Liverpool’s new home strip – as modelled by Warrior’s first ‘football brand ambassador’, Craig Bellamy…

A little word on that Bellamy dealio; As mentioned previously, the Welshman has signed on to become Warrior’s first football ‘brand ambassador’, though the contract will see all of his sponsorship fee going directly to the Craig Bellamy Foundation in Sierra Leone.

Warrior will also do their bit to raise global awareness for the charity, with Bellamy helping them design their first line of football boots in return.



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Liverpool Warrior 2012/13 Home Kit

Yep. We like it, and it’s also made out of Kenco’s finest – well, sort of anyway:

“The kit has been designed using War-Tech, a revolutionary apparel system engineered by Warrior. At the heart of War-Tech lies Scafé, an innovative, antimicrobial fabric made with coffee grounds.”

Mmmm, coffee.

What are we saying people? Do we approve?

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  1. Lady B says:

    Not that fond of it, too retro for my tastes. But seeing as it’s made from coffee, I might change my mind! :D

  2. dc says:

    always liked that craig bellamy– criminally misunderstood. pun intended

  3. gilbert says:

    ‘we come not to play’ is a hilariously shit slogan. but the kit is lovely.

  4. Arrogantio says:

    The slogan is terrible, it reminds me of Graham Taylor’s “do I not like that” comment. The shirt is average in every respect. It is a polyester shirt costing pennies to make, that will be sold for what, 45 plus pounds a throw? This is just ridiculous hype. Liverpool are a very average club these days. Maybe they will replace the “This is Anfield” sign with “We come not to play” :-)

  5. Graham Taylor says:

    Do I not like “we come not to play”. Liverpool is an average club.

  6. Redandred says:

    Average club? Do your homework!

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