Classic Moments: Fernando Torres Stars In Advert For Spanish Dog Training School, 2009 (Video)

Chris Wright

23rd, October 2013


By Chris Wright

Here’s Fernando Torres, then of Liverpool, doing his mate ‘Nacho’ a favour by starring in an advert for his Narub dog training school on the outskirts of Madrid, which sees our Nando engaging in a few basic canine-based activities; like getting a Doberman to leap through rings of fire and getting hustled off the ball by an Alsation in a tabard…

The advert was part of a three-pronged campaign by Spanish bank ‘Banco Gallego’ to promote their new ‘Amigos’ account (“if you’re not lucky enough to have a famous friend, there are other ways to increase your income”), with Torres also starring in two other adverts for companies owned by his pals; one for a hairdressing salon and the other for a tennis academy – though the dog school episode is easily the most enjoyable/awkward.

It was also fairly prescient, as the sight of Torres failing to beat a dog dressed as a dinnerlady in a penalty shootout was like a candid glimpse into his future.

(Spotter’s Badge: Four Four Two)