Retro Football: This Is What Liverpool’s Weekly Wage Bill Looked Like In 1960 (Photo)

Chris Wright

4th, February 2015


By Chris Wright

As dug up by the Daily Mail this morning, here’s what Liverpool’s weekly wage bill looked like circa 1960 – the last year the FA enforced their maximum wage cap.

We’ve got rugged right-back John Molyneux as the club’s top earner, taking home a stately £30-a-week (roughly £600 in today’s terms) before tax and insurance, etc.

Future World Cup-winner Roger Hunt is on £22-a-week (around £450) while manager Bill Shankly isn’t listed – though his understudies Joe Fagan and Bob Paisley are both included at the foot of the list.


By comparison, Liverpool’s annual wage bill these days is roughly £132million.

It’s perhaps worth mentioning that Liverpool were a Second Division club in 1960/61, with the average UK weekly wage hovering at about £10 at the time.

They’re weren’t doing too badly, these lads.

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  1. Elmo says:

    I’m pretty sure Liverpool’s current monthly wage bill is not £132 million, that’s probably the annual wage bill.

  2. What4 says:

    And that’s why you shouldn’t type with your tongue.

  3. BDWG says:

    They weren’t “taking home” the amounts on the left…damn, read the NET column, that’s take home amounts…the highest paid person on there is Jimmy Melia…

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