‘Liverpool Play Totaal Voetbal Under Dalglish’ – Dirk Kuyt

Chris Wright

24th, January 2011


By Chris Wright

Perhaps an indication of the ‘short-term’ nature that has engulfed everything pertaining to Liverpool FC over the past few years, it seems that one win over a patchy Wolves outfit has transmogrified a universally panned rabble into a fluid unit akin to that of the legendary 1970’s Dutch national side – at least as far as ‘Deadly Dirk Kuyt is concerned, who also jibed former manager Roy Hodgson’s slightly ‘agricultural’ approach:

“[Playing under Dalglish] comes close to the old Dutch style. Playing with early pressure on the opponents and a passing game with the ball low on the ground. Not all those long balls any more.”

Let’s not get carried away quite yet Dirky old bean.

An impressive performance and a thoroughly deserved victory (capped by an absolute cracker of a volley from the ever-improving Raul Meireles), with plenty of positives to be garnered (a brace for Nando, Poulsen wasn’t awful, Steve Clarke is obviously some kind of genius) – but not quite in the realms of Cruyff, Neeskens et al quite yet, eh?

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  1. Dave says:

    Yeah good point Chris. Stop being positive Kuyt! That is only going to be bad for the team and spirit.

  2. schabe says:

    Ahh leave him alone! He’s only getting excited, and who wouldn’t?

    Liverpool have been awful this season and I’d be wetting myself if my team had bounced back in the same way. He’s just excited that santa came!

  3. Law says:

    They played some great footy,,, why not be upbeat and positive,,,, someone always looks for the piece of coal in a mountain of diamonds. The third goal came after 30 passes,,, if it was Real Madrid, Barca or Brazil it would be awesome,,,, instead of hoofing the ball down the pitch Kenny has told them to keep the ball,,,, the simple and beautiful game,, long may it continue.

  4. The Official Bullcrapper says:

    How does he dare to compliment the team and the manager after such an awful game (won’t say the word “football”, because what I saw 2 days ago, does absolutely not qualify for that word). This is a scandal, how long can this keep on going!!!

    I’m sick and tired over our shitty form since Dalglish came in, Hodgson in – Dalglish out!!!! While at it.. What happened to that nice fella… Tom Hicks, I believe(?) He was such a nice guy and represented all the good things with Liverpool.

    The guys who are in now, are just here for the money….

    Peace out and love from:

    The Official Bullcrapper (aka a little bit angry Roy Hodgson) aka. The Unofficial Bullcrapper.

  5. Donner Meat says:

    Kenny Dalglish begin his press conference this morning by asking Sky’s Vinny O’Connor if he was ok with having a female journalist in the same room… Class by The King

  6. hey leave my bloody hunny bun kuyt alone hes not an old bean at all so stop bloody making excuses up on these shit websites, and what a loads of shit comments from these crap people, and my dirk kuyts name is dirk not dirky so stop taking the mick

  7. Markell says:

    Yeah… Dirk, calm down, buddy.

  8. Dan says:

    TO be fair they only beat 2nd from bottom Wolves

  9. Chris says:

    @ Dan: Yes, the same Wolves that beat them in a most humiliating manner AT HOME only a few weeks ago. If this is how much they can recover and improve in a few weeks optomism is not that absurd, is it?

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  11. S-League Player says:

    Next thing we know, Carra will be dribbling the ball outta defence, doing the Marseille roulette along the way and flicking out some no look passes. Long live King Kenny!

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