WWE Star Sheamus Visits Anfield – Wants To Kick Gary Neville In The Face (Photos)

Chris Wright

9th, November 2011


By Chris Wright

If you’re a fan of men in tights sitting on each other’s faces, then you may be familiar with this pale-looking chap, if not then let us introduce him. His name is Sheamus, he’s a WWE wrestler and, unlike certain superstar basketball sell-outs we could mention, he’s a genuine Liverpool fan. I mean, are you going to argue with him?

With WWE in town for a show in Liverpool, Sheamus (who is an Irishman by trade) took the opportunity to visit Anfield for the first time – taking the tour, sitting in chairs, looking at walls, punching shirts, roaring at grass and even getting his strawberry-blonde mitts on ‘Old Big Ears’…

Those doubting Sheamus’ Liverpool ceredentials should bare this in mind. When asked which footballer he’d like to slap around the ring, he replied:

“I’d definitely like to ‘Brogue Kick’ that Gary Neville fella. I don’t know what it was about him.

“I know he played for Manchester United and there is a big rivarly between Liverpool and them, but everytime you look at him he has an 80-year old granny’s face on him. He looks as though he’s eaten 10 bags of lemons or something!

“So it’d definitely be Gary Neville, I never liked him at all.”

Seems kosher to me.

Photos: Liverpool FC