Man City: Pep Guardiola Sits Down With Noel Gallagher, Dumbfounds Him With Love For Coldplay And James Blunt (Video)

Chris Wright

4th, July 2016



“She smiled at me on the subway, she was with another man…”

As part of his ongoing Man City orientation programme, the club put Pep Guardiola through his paces with an introductory face-to-face with Noel Gallagher.

The subject matter was wide-reaching, with Gallagher grilling the new boss about the motivation behind his move to the Premier League, his thoughts on the new Man City club crest and just how close he came to signing for City as a player.

Inevitably, conversation soon came round to music, with Gallagher pressing ‘El Señor’ on his purported love for Coldplay.

Guardiola’s response, while possibly pre-prepared, had the ex-Oasis guitarist in a bit of a fluster…


You can watch the whole ‘When Noel Met Pep’ thing here should you have 23 minutes to spare…

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  1. Akhil says:

    Has anyone told Noel that the last 2 Oasis albums and almost everything he’s done since are cr*p?

  2. Akhil says:

    I like Noel trying to tell one of the greatest managers of the present era what EPL football is like. I’m sure Noel knows more than the professional.

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