Racist Italy Fans Abuse Mario Balotelli During Italy vs Romania Friendly

Ollie Irish

18th, November 2010


By Ollie Irish

Mario Balotelli was the victim of more racist abuse by Italian ‘fans’, during Italy’s 1-1 draw in a friendly with Romania last night.

The Man City striker was repeatedly booed by a small group of right-wing idiots.

And a banner bearing the message “No to a multi-ethnic national team” was also confiscated at Klagenfurt’s HypoArena stadium. After the match, Balotelli told the Italian media:

“If I have to hear those chants every time, you can’t go forward like that.

“I leave others to do the judgement. I am happy to be in the national team.

“It wouldn’t be right to stop a game because a few fans that turn up to the stadium behave like that.

“We need to change these people but it’s not me that has to do it… A multi-ethnic Italy already exists and we can do better.”

This isn’t the first time Super Mario has had to put up with blatant racism from his fellow countryman (Balotelli was born in Palermo and furthermore has never even set foot in Africa). Whilst playing for Inter last season, Balotelli was subjected to racist abuse by a section of Juventus fans.

It’s important that these morons are weeded out and hit with lifetime bans from all football grounds. Zero tolerance is the only way to deal with racism.

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  1. CBell says:

    You wonder, if he gets treated like this, by your own nation, Why on earth is he intrested in a move back it italy?

  2. Markell says:

    What a twit.

  3. supaphil says:

    @CBell–should a “small group of right wing idiots” start chanting at you, would that make your home any less your home? Seems pretty straight forward to me…

  4. Jozy says:

    He has himself to blame, he knew when he decided to play for Italy over Ghana this would happened but did it anyway

  5. John J says:

    A group of racist morons screaming abuse in 2010? What a surprise!!! Morons unable to deal with the reality of a 20 year old talent who will be representing the national side for a very long time.

    EUFA will take action I’m sure if it continues for the interests of the international football game.

  6. @Jozy says:

    That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. The kid was born and raised in Italy. Why should he play for Ghana? BTW, the most hated footballer in the USA is one Guisippe Rossi, who was born and raised and taught the game in the US and decided to play for Italy. I am pretty sure these fans did not jeer their “captain”. Rossi is not Italian either but he is white. I am not a big fan of Balotelli but I am amazed by how narrow minded these morons are.

  7. syndex says:

    I am firm believer that rather than a lifetime ban they should be paraded round the pitch at half time for fan to throw things at the facists. If as there views are the consence of the crowd they should get away with their lives if not no great pity.

  8. shay says:

    It’s a shame to see a few ignorant people ruin such a honor for a player. I don’t think much of Balotelli as a person, he runs his mouth way too much but even he doesn’t deserve that crap.

  9. maxmad says:

    There is no way to justify their behavior on the stands. narrow-minded idiots are far too common, sadly. I’m glad to hear that Balotelli is fighting this, and not just succumbing to racists, that would be too much of a shame.
    Daft Italians.

  10. simone says:

    They can chant all they want he is gonna play for Italy forever just f-ing get over it.

  11. yeeeeeeeah says:

    Even though I firmly dislike Balotelli and think he is a twat I think this is very low and embarrasin by the Italians. To be racist against your own player, so sad.

  12. Thomas says:

    This is just an attempt to intimidate him off the team so I’m glad he is showing some class in his interview. As much he might do things people can’t really agree with, I think situations like these will humble and mature him very quickly. It’s sad a place a beautiful as Italy can have such an ugly problem with racism. I’m from North Carolina(heavy undertones of racism in certain parts) originally and no one would have the balls to pull a stunt like this at a large sporting event, regardless of their personal beliefs.

  13. Fabio says:

    Hey Jozy! Are u really that stupid, or just ignorant??? That’s probably the stupidest comment I ever read, “he has himself to blame” Oh, so because he’s black he shouldn’t play for the country he was born and raised in…give your head a shake

  14. James says:

    “It’s important that these morons are weeded out and shot. Zero tolerance is the only way to deal with racism.”


    There’s already too many people in this world. May as well start with the cunts.

  15. Captain says:

    CBell says:
    “You wonder, if he gets treated like this, by your own nation,”

    That is not his “own” nation.His nation is Ghana.He should play for Ghana if he would hade some national pride in him.

  16. sasha says:

    “true romance”, monologue by dennis hopper, r.i.p.

  17. dnpma says:

    why, captain? YOU decide whats his country?

  18. cage says:

    how can some people say his nation is Ghana he has never been there in fact he has never stepped a foot in Africa as for the italians that booed they should check there history or check out true romance like someone said !

  19. John Eagle says:

    Thats pretty typical. Italy does not want the world to realize it is multi-ethnic, even though it has been for centuries. They have been good at hiding it, this puts it right in the open. And yes comments about his country being Ghana are dumb, thats just plain stupid Rossi is a traitor who the Italians love, but was born raised and live in New Jersey. This young man was born raised and lives in Italy… hated. You be the judge.

  20. RT says:

    Mario must score a goal and then raise the finger to them bloody racists

  21. QuickSnell says:

    Balotelli is an Italian. He lives the Italian culture and grew up in the Italian society all his life. So what if his “skin” is dark. Sad to see the racist trying to seperate themselves from “black”. Any color can be any nationality. So what if he talks trash…who doesn’t talk trash in this multi ethnic world???

    Soon every nation will have a more multi ethnicity society and even multi race relationships. This will be such a sight to see. :D You won’t be able to stereotype just by looking at people no more. There is no teeling were they are from. A black man could be Italian.

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