Mario Balotelli Caught Chucking Darts Out Of First-Floor Window

Chris Wright

28th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

Manchester City are to hold a disciplinary meeting this morning after Mario ‘The Power’ Balotelli (or ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ as Pies likes to refer to him) was caught throwing darts toward a group of youth team players from a first-floor window at the the club’s Carrington training complex on Sunday – just three days after he vowed to all and sundry that he would be making a concerted effort to stop getting caught up in ‘stupid little things’.

Balotelli is quoted as telling several national newspapers that he threw the darts in the direction of youth players because he was ‘bored’, with the very same organs reporting that nobody was hurt during the incident and that City are treating it as a ‘misguided prank’ rather than a ‘serious transgression’ and will deal with the matter internally.

Despite what it may look like, our ongoing ‘Mario Balotelli does something unbelievably stupid’ series is not a weekly feature – not by design anyway.