Alex Ferguson Bans Coloured Boots For Man Utd Youth Players

Ollie Irish

23rd, February 2010


By Ollie Irish


Fergie has banned Man Utd’s youth-team players from wearing anything but black football boots. Of course he has.

First-team defender John O’Shea revealed: “The restrictions are on the youth team. They are told they have to stick to wearing black. Once in the reserve or first-team squad there are no restrictions, but if you are wearing flashy colours and don’t play too well you’re likely to get singled out.”

I’m with Fergie on this one. I detest flashy coloured boots, not necessarily for aesthetic reasons – although most examples look like vulgar – but because they are the most obvious symbol of how materialistic and narcissistic many players have become.

That doesn’t mean I think you have to earn the right to wear coloured boots (see Cristiano Ronaldo), which is a daft concept, but I wouldn’t want a whole coach of team-mates who thought it was cool to say “Hey! Look at me!” either.

Agree/disagree with Fergie here?