Muslim Clerics Claim Man Utd Shirt ‘Glorifies The Devil’

Chris Wright

22nd, July 2010


By Chris Wright

Conservative clerics in Malaysia have warned that Muslim Manchester United fans must not wear club merchandise as the crest ‘glorifies the devil’ and ‘promotes devil worship’.

Nooh Gadot, an Islamic scholar from Johor state, has condemned supporters who choose to, saying;

“This is very dangerous. As a Muslim, we should not worship the symbols of other religions or the devils. Even if it is a gift, we should decline it. It is even more sinful when people realise this is wrong and still buy these jerseys to wear.”

Noor also insisted that Muslims wearing a Manchester United shirts ‘should repent immediately’ and his views were echoed by another leading Malaysian cleric, Harussani Zakaria, from the northern state of Perak – who agreed that the brazen depiction of devils should be condemned;

“Yes, of course in Islam we don’t allow people to wear this sort of thing, devils are our enemies, why would you put their picture on you and wear it? You are only promoting the devil.”

The frankly ridiculous religious zealots (if you’ll excuse my western infidelity – so to speak) have also declared Brazil, Norway, Portugal, Serbia and Barcelona shirts to be ‘un-Islamic’ as they all carry the images of the cross.

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  1. juancullo says:

    the symbol of the red devil was incorporated into the club crest in 1970! why is their such an uproar about this now? im sure man u jerseys (mostly fakes) have been on sale in malaysia for quite some time now.

  2. zee14 says:

    you guys are faking this story…the quotes taken from these clerics are clearly not referring to the Manchester United shirt…they surely mean the black satanic shirts

  3. Andy says:

    They refer to the logo of the Lion with a fork that according to these religious zealots looks like the devil.

    “Malaysian clerics said Wednesday that Muslims must not wear the iconic red jersey because devils should be shunned, not celebrated, and urged those who had worn the garment to “repent immediately”.

    Also off-limits are the shirts of teams including Brazil, Portugal, Barcelona and Serbia, all of which carry an image of the Christian crucifix in their team emblems.”

  4. C says:

    Gotta love religion!

  5. Seany says:

    Fanatics always get the press, tbh I’m surprised Dawkins hasn’t started a campaign along these lines

  6. football fan from malaysia says:

    oh those silly Malaysian clerics. will they ever realise they’re no longer relevant in this day and age?

    got my man utd jersey on, so now I’m off to my weekly gay witches for abortion meeting.

  7. fuzzy says:

    well this is stupid. leave the game alone, will you! i myself am a Muslim, but this is like raking religion into almost everything to spark fiery controversies. nobody is worshiping or glorifying the devil here! hell, we are not even attributing satanic meaning into it! extremists just have a way to get into everyday life, dont they? im sure malaysia has other “not religious” problems than this!

  8. rom says:

    I’m sorry, but i do not see any “devil” on that T-Shirt!Can somebody enlighten me?

  9. Chris says:

    @rom: There is a devil depicted in the centre of the Man Utd crest – hence their nickname, ‘The Red Devils’.

    You can see it better in this pic:

  10. muslim says:

    fuzzy, u are a muslim? islam is the way of life….remember? u should go repent immediately!

  11. alex says:

    i’m surprised no ones mentioned that old video with the tim howard look-a-like going full retard (tropic thunder) talking about this very subject.

  12. kellen says:


    It’s these extremist little things that annoy me so much about the Muslims in Malaysia, (i’m not Muslim). Why on earth does this even matter? only In Malaysia (okay, and maybe in the middle east) do you get these crazy ideas. which nobody really even listens to. :|

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  14. aizat says:

    its not devil worshipping if muslims concetrate on the game itself rather than gloryfying the emblem..i think majority of muslim man utd fans treat football as totally a favourite past time theres no harm wearing the shirt with the all the comments who claims that it is utter rubbish to be complaining about,please be more respectful…all religion has their own opinion on these small things..

  15. billcarr says:

    the key words in Islam seems to be ‘you are not allowed’ which is applied to anything they please. Only people with low self esteem would take any notice of this nonsense.
    Most sane people gave up believing in devils and demons a long time ago.

  16. steVan says:

    im a malaysian(nt a muslim) but i have respect for evry religion there is..but this is just plain stupid(sorry)..the fact is that almost evry mulims in malaysia is a manchester united fan..evan a rabbi lookalike(long beard,kind of a turban on the head),whom i presume is a holy muslim men was wearing a m.u jersey with the name rooney at the back with his kid(probably) wearing a t-shirt saying ‘red devils forever’ at a public screening of m.u champ league final agains barcelona….nw where is the justice in that???? malaysia truely asia…only in malaysia baby….

  17. pak_ManUtd_supporter says:

    Hope this claim stay in Malaysia and doesn’t go beyond that i.e. other muslim states clerics dont start this as well! The country I live in will start to burn every football jersey, such is the level of there understanding!!! Probably that Cleric is a liverpool supporter!

  18. apek says:

    being a malaysian myself, i feel very dissappointed with the way some people (referring to ‘some people posting their tantrum here) talking bad about other people’s country..everybody is open to give their opinion, but to say BAD things about the whole nation just because of one or two people is just saddening.. is just ONE@TWO person(s) opinion..why does justice has anything to do with this?

  19. alex293 says:

    I am a Malaysian and i am tired of these muslims thinking what they say are always correct i seriously hope my country’s clerics(which by the way are old and i think chelsea fans) can be open minded like those in the middle east!!!!! Even a football shirt with a cross is unislamic so what?? Malaysia is a multireligious nation!!! Narrow minded idiots

  20. kwizera says:

    pls brotherz and sisters just relax and think big . many people have been contaminated with devils its true and true, devils are there but let try to protect our soul first . if you want go to GOOGLE and then type DEVIL WORSHIP scroll down for pict . u are going to know the truth

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