Sickening Snapshots: Carragher Tackle Shreds Nani’s Leg

Chris Wright

7th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

There will be blood…

Christ on a bike! Was Carra wearing running spikes?

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  1. gaptooth says:

    latest song goes like this

    nani are you ok
    nani are you ok
    are you ok nani

    you’ve been hit by
    you’ve been struck by


  2. drags says:

    whats more sickening to me is the pic you dont have up here but of gerrard shouting at nani to get up and hes diving, meanwhile the blood flows down his leg. poor poor sportsmanship! liverpool deserved the win thats for sure, but not sure what the sudden lack of good reffereeing for the united games is all about. if cutting a guys leg so bad doesnt warrant a red card i dont know what one has to do to get one then.

  3. Nicko says:

    Liverpool hammered united all over the park, no doubts.

    Why carragher wasnt sent off, who knows.
    Gerrard has shown himself for what he is, a dirty scouser. Then again do we expect anything less from him. He is no captain.

    Shame he’ll finish his career winning fuck all.

  4. Shane says:

    It was an horrendous challaenge and he should have been sent off, no question. But Nani doesn’t do himself any favours. He wasn’t concerned about his own health, his first thought was, “how can I get one of their players sent off,” as seems to be his first thought every week when he steps foot on a pitch. His attitude stinks, just this time he got a potential leg breaking whack instead of taking his usual dive. Getting up, running to the referee, pointing to your leg, pushing a player, falling to the ground theatrically, appearing to cry and then lashing out at the physio…you can start to see why Phil Dowd may have trouble these days determining how hurt a player is and how bad the tackle has been.

    Carragher should have gotten a straight red…but the journalists shouldn’t let Nani get away scot free for that performance.

  5. Tanya says:

    Link of Gerrard shouting at Nani to get up?

  6. gaptooth says:

    @ drags

    its a terrible tackle that deserved a red – no doubt
    but had lucas stayed put when raphael tackled him – he would have suffered a similar fait

    He had the sense to get out of the way !

    @ Nicko – i suppose a Champions league medal qualifies as “fuck all” in you’re books
    gerrard’s place in football history is assured – not like john o’shea or wes brown – who have won everything under the sun .

    footballers are remembered not only for the medals but for the moments !

  7. drags says:

    @tanya, link:

    @gaptooth agreed about rafael, also a red for sure. but if carra had been sent off the game would have changed. i think many refs these days are too scared of the big clubs, not only united.

    a great football game spoilt a bit by some dirty play and bad refereeing again.

  8. Nuno says:

    Just a second before Rafael did that tackle on Lucas, he got a tackle from Maxi that should’ve left a mark in his thigh, so I think it’s ‘understandable’ what he did. It is a clear yellow, no doubt, but Maxi should’ve also get one and he got away with it.
    It’s unbelievable how Carragher stayed after going for manslaughter, but I guess this is what Nani’s whining every week gets him, no ref believes his complaints now.
    Also, @shane
    He did put up a “show” to the ref, but kinda understandable after seeing how his leg got after the manslaughter and tried to make the ref see what should be clear: that was a clear red-deserving ‘de Jong’ type tackle

  9. juancullo says:

    where is the media storm about carragher receiving retrospective action from the FA?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! United get all the decisions apparantly

  10. Philaldo9 says:

    Fuck me, a compound fracture is sickening. Decapitation is sickening. Any grown man who cries after getting studded needs to grow the fuck up. It should’ve been a red. Same too with Rafael’s challenge. End of story.

  11. K says:

    whoever asked or a link of Gerrard shouting at Nani, watch the game. His behaviour was disgusting/.

  12. gamblino says:

    haha #9. Agreed. What a shameful pussy.

  13. Veej says:

    LOL @ gaptooth:
    Love the song!!! YNWA

  14. gav says:

    carragher would have been lucky to get away with a red card. it made me laugh, as a neutral, how carragher was booked for the ‘leg-breaker’, then a second later van der sar is booked for coming out of his goal to see his obviously injured team mate. bit of a joke that. Carragher can play in the next 3 games…the FA need to sto this rule of – no retrospective punishment if the ref deals with it on the day!

  15. Tinez says:

    what rafael did is not understandable, if lucas doesn’t jump, that tackle is a career ender – nani will be out for a month.

  16. K P V says:

    yeah, hahaha good job with the song Gaptooth

    follow me on twitter @andrewabrahim yall

  17. Sharky says:

    Nani the little rent boy

  18. Arsene says:

    I did not see the incident so i cant say!

  19. Mr. Angry says:

    that fuckin nani is a dirty cheating scum! just like all those manure scum fans! carra tackled him he rolled around got up and complained to the referee and went down again rolled around and cried like a little bitch! that little twat rafael thinks he’s so tough i would like to see him square up to someone like joey barton, hell get twatted in the face

  20. Mr. Angry says:

    did anyone read one of the papers before the liverpool v manure match?
    carrick was saying that referees need to get it right!??!!
    what the fuck was that all about!???
    if referees did their job and got it right every week manure united would not be top of the league! its people like howard webb and mark clattenburg that brought united to the top of the league…. cheating scum… so carrick needs to think about that!!!

  21. torressi says:

    LIVERPOOL did kill off man utd that fucking team of the century! why scum fergie sitting there do nothing? not his character? like a tortoise wihout head! pui!

  22. Donner Meat says:

    Boy fucking wolf

  23. shane says:

    #19 @Mr. Angry That would be the only time I would ever be on Joey Barton’s side. Gary Neville seems to have given lessons to Raphael on how to be a dickhead of a right back before he hung up his naughty boots.

  24. shut up K P V says:


  25. Pedro says:

    It is heart warming to see all the bile unleashed on Nani for being a “pussy” when he’s had Carra’s studs mildly scratch his shin, especially as it is coming from the same people crying bloody murder when Rooney elbowed McCarthy (requiescat in pace, god bless his soul, another gent of the game lost to Rooney’s violent streak which we will sadly never see gracing a football pitch ever again :( ). In fact, so sickening is the play acting by Nani he should have had his leg broken and Carragher given a penalty for having had the courage to do what every righteous football fan in the country has felt like doing at one point or another to Nani or even that little princess friend of his Cristiano Ronaldo. How dare these prancing primadonnas come to these shores and spread their twinkle-toed magic, especially at such a disgusting club like Manchester United? It’s repulsive and about time someone did something about it, especially considering how ‘manure’ have the FA and the media in their pocket, which has led to them being pushed beyond the finish line time and again.

  26. Michael says:

    Haaland, anyone?

  27. BitchPlease says:

    Nani’s play acting finally caught up to him and now nobody wants to listen when somebody actually tackles him.

    latest song goes like this

    nani are you ok
    nani are you ok
    are you ok nani

    you’ve been hit by
    you’ve been struck by


    Sell him, the boy has got himself a reputation as diver. Bitch.

  28. Ryan says:

    It didn’t look that bad in real time. Ouch.

  29. Rob says:

    I think Gerrard shouted for him to get up because after rolling on the ground for a while Nani got up and ran about 10 yards over to the ref then dropped down in front of him. I was shouting at him to get up too.
    Anyone see the Scholes neck high tackle just before Liverpool’s first goal?

  30. Scott says:

    When you constantly cry wolf, it’s tough to believe when you’re actually hurt. Not all foreign players are primadonnas and divers though. Look at Messi, Arshavin among others. If Arshavin dives after the Bramble push, it’ s penalty.

  31. Yaaaaaarrrs says:

    Gerrard didn’t shout at Nani till he ran over to protest and then fell to the floor screaming like a baby, I would of been yelling at him too. No person should be on the floor with that much agony unless he broke both his legs.

  32. Riley says:

    As far as the lack of sympathy shown to Nani by players and announcers alike, you reap what you sow. As Donner Meat said, Nani is the boy who cried wolf. If you try to win free kicks and get opponents disciplined with diving theatrics, then don’t be surprised when no one believes you when you’re really hurt.

  33. glenska says:

    get over yourself pedro 18 down and one to go it will be this year we get 19 the most successful manager in english football will be king fergie that is and dont forget it not that twat oh forgot his name last time 1990 long may it last.

  34. Liam says:

    Nani is a rat end of! Weren’t carras best tackle in the world but as mentioned he ran 10 yards pulled down his sock an jumped down!
    Then had the audacity to cry leaving him no option to go off, if he can make his way up over to the ref an down again he cud of played on FACT
    He is a pussy

  35. Chris also says:

    @ drags
    The part where Gerrard is yelling at Nani is all over the web in gif form in slow-mo. If you watch the actual incident this is what happens:
    When Nani rushes over to the ref after the initial tackle there are several players around him. Gerrard grabs Nani’s shoulder while trying to speak to him and Nani throws himself onto the ground pretending that Gerrard has shoved him down. That is where Gerrard starts yelling at him to get up, shouting “I didn’t push you down!” That is the moment that picture captures.
    So, yeah, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes you’d actually better see what really happened.

  36. TravisKOP says:

    ya ya ya everyone hate on Gerrard but if you were him you’d have cara’s back too and nani is a crier so even more reason to yell at himm

  37. Pedro says:

    glenska: Sorry to disappoint you, mate, but I was being sarcastic. I’ll be most pleased with the 19th, whenever it comes, but it’s sad to see so many football “fans” genuinely elated one of the best players in the league was hurt badly enough he had to be stretchered off the field. Sure, “boy cries wolf”, all of that, and therefore it is most excellent that the boy got torn to pieces and was savagely consumed by a rabid wolf. That these same people were popping a vein just a week before for an elbow (undisputedly deserving of a straight red) that caused the injured party zero injuries only highlights the sectarian and irrational nature of the average football watching pleb. It makes it all the sweeter to support a REAL football team that not only wins trophies but is so big that its fans don’t even bother reading about what happens at other matches when you wade through page after page of this unfiltered filth. Enjoy your bit of schadenfreude, because it won’t last long enough.

  38. Andrew says:

    Cry me a fucking river Pedro. Anyone that finds this stuff “sickening” is every bit as much of a giant pussy as Nani is.

  39. says:

    Yes, a bad challenge. However: 1. Why don’t professionals wear substantial shin and ankle protection? They only seem to wear the smallest pads that they just slip loosely under their socks. 2. If he was so terribly injured, he wouldn’t have been able to get up to run in front of the Gerrard then fall over on his ass like a circus clown. 3. His behavior before getting put on the stretcher is like that of a toddler. Toughen up man, throwing a tantrum isn’t necessary.

  40. Leeeeeeels says:

    -Did Carra deserve to get sent off?: probably.

    -Did Nani have it coming after a season of play acting, diving, and all-around bitching?: Definitely.

    -With respect to Gerrard; anyone playing against a player of that character (Nani), would tell him to get the fuck up. Because 9 times out of 10 he is acting.

  41. Ausam says:

    @Liam, your point is crap, its not a fatc, adrenalin and rage probably helped him walk over to the referee to point of the blood, before realising how serious it was and falling down again. Im pretty sure you need to know what your talking about to put FACT in there.

  42. Bigwillystyle says:

    If nani was able to RUN to the ref to show his wound, then he should be able to walk off the field. harsh foul that didnt call for any extra play acting. typical nanny.

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  44. Mr.Angry says:

    @ shane

    yeah that fucking gary neville is a cunt too!

  45. Mr.Angry says:

    @ pedro

    you are talking like a fucking stuck up bitch! man up you idiot!

  46. Mr.Angry says:

    the bottom line is nani cried like a woman with a cock up her arse!

  47. Callum Egerton says:

    Love the way all you bin-dipping scum are taking the piss out Nani for rolling around upset, yet you’ve been whinging about Hillsbrough for years. Get over it you Scouse twats, it was all your fault!! hahahahahaha

  48. Mr.Angry says:


    hillsborough was an accident! you are so stupid! did your mother by any chance marry her own father and you were the offspring!!! you cunt!

  49. sonic ggg,s says:


  50. dogg t says:

    fair comment callum egerton hahahahahahahah hillsborough fuckers! 96 wasnt enough!!!!!! YOU’LL NEVER GET A JOB!

  51. Stephen says:

    Terrible Tackle, should have been sent off. As was Rafaels, but would rafaels tackle was just as bad. Would he have been so hot headedd had carragher been sent off?! Probably not…

    With regard to Gerrard telling him to get up, for someone to sprint 15 yards to the ref, show him his leg, then pathetically go down, no wonder gerrard is telling him to get up.

  52. Paul says:

    It’s really sad to see so many disgusting,uneducated scousers on here.Im a Barcelona supporter and find this tackle horrific.How do you not have sympathy for a player that came very close to a career ending tackle.And Carragher is well known for these.But I can see in the EPL that the players are not protected.I guess thats why the top players prefer playing in a league where the focus is football and not these disgusting tackles by a well known dirty player.Shame on you for protecting Carragher.Doesnt get more biased than that.And a disgusting gerrard, has no humanity.Shame about his career though, but thats for another day.

  53. EXECUTIONER says:

    @ PAUL

    you are even more disgusting you dirty piece of shit manc bastard… you illiterate cunt! inbred bastard!

  54. EXECUTIONER says:

    okay moderator you keep erasing my comments! whjat about dogg t and callum egerton….you one sided scum!

  55. emmy mu says:

    god that is well bad to nani that carragher guy shold of got sent off
    if that was VIDIC TO TORRES vidic would of got a red card

  56. emmy mu says:

    ohh and thats not even funny assholes

  57. MightyLee says:

    Yes Hillsbrough was an accident. Nobody was too blame especially not the ‘fans’ who piled into the Liverpool end creating the carnage. Probably the same fans who were also not to blame for the Heysel disaster.

  58. Bongo says:

    Aaron Ramsey had his leg shattered and got on with it. This wally limped back to where the ref was standing and then collapsed in a heap.

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