Rio Ferdinand Pays Tribute To Paul Scholes On Twitter, Wayne Rooney…Doesn’t

Chris Wright

1st, June 2011


By Chris Wright

Several Manchester United players took to Twitter to voice their admiration for Paul Scholes after the Ginger Ninja announced his retirement yesterday, Wayne Rooney was not one of them…

To be fair, Rooney has actually spoken to the MEN at great length about just how much he’s going to miss playing alongside ‘Sat Nav’ Scholes next season and also went on to brand the outbound midfielder as ‘the greatest player of his generation’ on Twitter – but that wouldn’t be nearly as funny, now would it?

Before any seething United fans take umbrage, it’s all just a bit fun.

Image: Cjzoom

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  1. syndex says:

    wait wasn’t keane the greatest midfielder of all time a couple of years ago, and when giggs retires will he get to be the greatest midfielder of all time as well?

  2. Pitch Space Invader says:

    I wouldn’t even say Scholes is the best Man U player of his generation.

  3. nicko says:

    The most pointless article i’ve ever read.

  4. Ehedydd says:

    Why does Rooney display such a lack of ability to converse intelligently about the game of football??

  5. Sultan says:

    Agree with NICKO….slow day at work !

  6. Lopez says:

    Rooney, if only in real life he had the heart they instructed him to act with in that 2010 nike commercial… Dismal WC, Dismal CL final.

  7. Rich says:

    @Nicko and Sultan, it’s just meant to be a 2 minute glance, something that u might joke about with a mate in the pub

    you want full in-depth existential articles on football hit up Run of Play

  8. Sex God says:

    this should be in the “funnies” section, not the “fail” section. it’s not a fail unless it’s real.


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